UPDATED FINAL RETURNS: GOP sweeps local elections

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Voting was heavy during Tuesday's election.

Republicans made a clean sweep of all contested local races Tuesday.

Due to problems with the vote tabulating machines at the courthouse, election returns were late being reported, with counting lasting until nearly 2 a.m.

The final unofficial results for Elmore County, listed below, also include totals for the Owyhee County and Twin Falls County portions of legislative District 23.

The results after all precincts had reported are:

President of the United States

(D) Barack Obama2,513
(R) Mitt Romney 5,227
(I) Ross "Rocky" Anderson 40
(C) Virgil Goode 33
(L) Gary Johnson 124
(I) Jill Stein 64

U.S. Representative - 2nd District

(D) Nicole LeFavour 2,447
(R) Mike Simpson 5,491

Senator - Legislative District 23

(R) Bert Brackett 9,177
(I) Bill Chisholm 4,165

Representative Position A -

Legislative District 23

(D) Jody Bickle 3,926
(R) Rich Wills 9,641

Representative Position B -

Legislative District 23

(D) Pam Chiarella 4,556
(R) Pete Nielsen 9,037

County Commissioner - District 1

(R) Franklin "Bud" Corbus 4,644
(I) Larry "Slick" Jewett 3,045

County Commissioner - District 3

(D) Michael J. Crawford 2,688
(R) Albert "Al" Hofer 4,893

County sheriff

(R) Rick Layher 6,997

County prosecuting attorney

(D) Kristina M. Schindele 5,872


Kip Crowley not reported
John Kieffer not reported
Steve Nemeth not reported

Non-partisan JUDICIAL ballot

Retain Magistrate Judge George Hicks

Yes 6,486
No 936

Retain Magistrate Judge David Epis

Yes 6,273
No 1,082

Non-partisan ballot

Senate Joint Resolution 102

Yes 5,825
No 1,082

House Joint Resolution 2aa

Yes 6,024
No 1,761


Idaho Ballot Proposition 1

Yes 3,313
No 4,707

Idaho Ballot Proposition 2

Yes 3,433
No 4,590

Idaho Ballot Proposition 3

Yes 2,787
No 5,226
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