Letter to the Editor

Burrito breakfast has turned into a great AFAD tradition

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dear editor:

Ten years ago, a military bus arrived at the Air Force Appreciation Day Parade carrying the Army marching band from Gowen Field. The musicians hadn't had anything to eat before leaving Boise, so some patrons of Jovial Jerry's cooked up eggs and sausage on a sidewalk stove and the Free Burrito Breakfast was born.

This year, a blonde Army captain stepped off the bus, attired smartly in her battle dress uniform, and thanked the cooks and servers for their many years of making breakfast.

Returning to the feed were Fela Rivera and Chris Martin on the fried corn tortillas, Paulette Fisher on the Dutch oven pork sausage, and Jack Cudahy on the electric scrambled eggs. The burritos were served by Laurie and Ed Howell of Meridian and the fresh salsa and shredded cheddar cheese were dished by rookie Amanda Thompson, also the new bartender at Jovial Jerry's.

The Free Burrito Breakfast could not happen without the generosity of long-time sponsors Nancy Reynolds of Adrian's Club, Loren Hatch of the Sunset Bar, Dale Nelson of Ace Glass and Judy and Robert Lemieux of Bruneau.

Other sponsors include mason James Warburton, excavator Richard Fisher, Gary Padgett (IBEW) and Chris' brother, Larry. Thank you to our newest sponsors, Stephanie and David Bergh, and to our secret saisa chef.

-- Wayne de la Motte