Letter to the Editor

Emergency fair a huge success

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dear editor,

The Emergency Preparedness Fair held last Saturday at the LDS Church on Haskett was so very well done. I was totally amazed at the displays -- Police, Firemen, helicopter, Air Force, Search and Rescue, communications, bicycle registration and many other booths, and nummy hot dogs sold by the Boy Scouts.

Thanks to the organizers and everybody who put forth so much effort. Too bad more people did not attend.

Also, I wanted to comment on the new recycling bins. The last two places I have lived have not done recycling, so I saved my stuff and took it to the dumpsters on South Main.

No more. Those new green bins are extremely difficult to get stuff into. They are so tall, you can't hold the lid at the same time you try to dump stuff in (well, at least for this short lady).


-- Melva McKenzie