Open Soar Skatepark Fundraiser

Monday, May 7, 2012

Our annual skate competition is coming June 16th and in order to connect with our skate park neighbors better, I wrote a letter for them and wanted to share this with all the readers of the Mountain Home News.

"Dear Neighbor,

We wanted to formally introduce you to Open Soar and briefly explain our vision to you! As you have no doubt noticed, we have thrown skateboard competitions every year in June for the last two years and another fund raiser competition is set this coming June 16th. We understand that the skate park has been a center for many undesired noise and trash, etc. It is important to us that you know that Open Soar is about demonstrating to all of the youth involved that in order to soar, you have to take ownership for behavior and attitudes that keep you from leaving the ground!

Originally, I wanted to throw a skate competition to give the skaters something to do in Mtn. Home and as I began to sign skaters up for the competition, they were so hungry for this type of event that many signed up that knew they had no chance of winning but just wanted to be a part of something. At that time, I had only lived here a little over one year. They filled me in on how a new park had been promised around 5 to 6 years earlier that would have room for different skill levels. I began to talk to skate shops in Boise, local police, and Parks and Rec here in Mtn. Home to learn all I could about getting the funds for such a project. I knew this could be the best opportunity to teach these skaters how to set goals and what it takes to achieve them.

Every year now, we involve the youth in many steps of the process of planning this event which is a fund raiser and involving the community so that Open Soar can be an event that has something for everyone! Our focus is to have family friendly events and unite the skateboard community with the city by addressing problems with this neighborhood, police, and businesses. Thanks for your time and understanding as we work hard to impact the youth in Mtn. Home and someday the surrounding cities! We are interested in your concerns and want to be a positive influence on the youth and the city. Please feel free to give feed back through e-mail at, visit out facebook site, or call me at 208-587-3454. Again, thank you!"

One of the most important things to me is that the community of Mtn. Home gets to know our vision so you know that we are here to help. Please come out and enjoy the festivities and help us to reach our goal of $10,000! That's just for starters but we'll raise it one dollar at a time! We still have room for vendors so e mail for an application if you are a business that wants exposure to hundreds of people that come out every year!