Bully Justice

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I have a comment and a concern of the safety of others here in Mtn. Home.

On Sept. 24th a 50+ woman was beaten by an Air force wife while trying to retrieve her son from others. She received head trauma, Medical bills, and was arrested for protecting herself during a flight for life situation. A week later she was threatened again by the same woman who beat her but this time was able to get away. She feared going out anywhere in Mtn. Home since. The police refused to do anything to the attacker but welcomed all charges for the victim.

She goes to court next month on the 5th. Her court appointed attorney has yet to talk with her other than just offering a horrible plea bargain. It is like paying to get beaten up. Is that the message that the Elmore county court and the Mtn. Home police dept. are trying to send?

I will be waiting with many friends to see if the County Courts condone "Bully Justice".