Local girl need help

Friday, April 13, 2012

last Jan I wrote this newspaper asking for help from friends of Rosalind Raybon.She arrived in Mt Home via the US AirForce and liked it so much when she got out of service she stayed. For 30 years now she has resided Now she is disabled due to a motorcycle accident.She lost her right eye and right leg and a mangled right arm which still needs surgery.Shehad her face torn off and replaced.She needs teeth and a special plate as her face was not put to-gether all that good.Her mouth opening is not normal. She is on medicaid and I thought they would take care of these things but she says no no They won't so I am pleading with the residents of her fair city to help.She need ramps built on the front and rear of her house.Surely their is a carpenter who would donate his time.I am in Florida and it is hard for me to do anything Don't you have support groups to help people who have problems.?Thanks for anyone who can and will help.She had a traumatic brain injury and has not been cleared of that yet. Thanks again