Letter to the Editor

Hacker Middle School students seek help with fundraiser

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dear editor:

Hello, I'm a 6th grader from Hacker Middle School. Our school is having an aluminum can drive for the Ronald McDonald House in Boise. The Ronald McDonald House is a place where families of sick children who are in the hospital can stay. It costs $10, but they need more funds.

So every year we collect cans to help them.

We are looking for help to collect cans, pop tabs, and license plates. If the community has any please drop them off at Hacker Middle School or Shorty's Salvage. Also, Shorty's Salvage is going to match the cans pound for pound. This will be going on March 1st -- April 27th.

Emily Legere

* * *

Dear editor:

We, the students of Hacker Middle School, are very excited to say that once again we are collecting aluminum for the Ronald McDonald House in Boise. Last year was a great success! We collected more than we had ever hoped.

We would like to thank Shorty's for matching us pound for pound.

Our can drive will be going on March 1st through April 27th. We would love for our community to help and get involved. Please drop off your cans at Hacker Middle School.

Rhyan Kelley

First Period Team Building, Hacker Middle School

* * *

Dear editor:

Tom Hacker Middle School is doing a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House. We are collecting cans, license plates, and all kinds of aluminum. Get rid of those pesky soda cans lying around the house; bring them down to Tom Hacker Middle School or to Shorty's Salvage.

This will be the third year we are participating and have many more to come. All the money our community earns will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House. Shorty's Salvage is doubling all of the pounds. So if we get 1,000 pounds it will equal 2,000 pounds.

So bring on down your aluminum. If you take them to Shorty's Salvage, please tell them it's for Tom Hacker Middle School. We hope the community will support the Ronald McDonald House and donate their aluminum.

Stevie Marie Brown