Letter to the Editor

Shame to student protesters

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dear editor:

This morning around 11:15 a.m., while driving down American Legion, I saw a large number of young students out with protest signs against Mr. Luna. I was struck wondering why these students were not in school and who put them up to this?

I am a 1958 graduate of Mountain Home High School and was fortunate to have received a superior education, especially in the sciences, and to go on to Idaho State and graduate with a BS in nursing.

What I saw today makes me ashamed to admit that I graduated from this high school. Mr. Hughs or Mr. Rist would not even think of allowing students out of school for something like this. The "instruction, "Back to Class." Yes, people have a right to protest, but on their own time.

As a ta payer and property owner I won't even think of voting for an override election this year.

I am sure we will see these kids again out with their little signs. Where are the teachers on this? PARENTS?

Geraldine True-Stering