Letter to the Editor

City and county officials seem not to have a clue

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear editor:

What the heck is going on in this town and county?

City council wants to charge for yard/garage sales. Are you kidding me?

First of all you would have to hire a special person to handle this ridiculous idea and if the signs are such a eye sore or nuisance why don't you just fine each address on the signs. Or better yet just have the people serving community service take signs down once a week?

Then you have the wonderful commissioners. I am so glad Wes Wootan won over that Larry Rose. Now, we just need to get rid of Arlie Shaw and that Shindele who won her prosecuting attorney position by running as a Republican and changed to her long roots of Democrat after she won.

I was a very big part of the writing of the Elmore County Comp Plan and throughout the entire process the attorneys that helped us assured us it was a working, living document. That word "only" on Simco Road should not have held up our commissioners on making a decision. They blamed it on the word "only" but what it really comes down to is they didn't want the nuke plant for whatever ridiculous reason.

We really needed that plant to improve our schools and our whole economic system. These people are just unreasonable and personal agenda driven.

Thanks to everyone who voted for Wes Wootan!

-- Courtney Ireland