Governor Otter Appreciates our Military and The Daniel Dopps Memorial Rodeo

Sunday, June 27, 2010
Governor Otter showing his appreciation to our Military at The Daniel Dopps Memorial Rodeo Saturday June 26, 2010.

Saturday evening was not only the last day of The Daniel Dopps Memorial Rodeo but was also Military Appreciation Day at the Rodeo. I was impressed! I was a little emotional when they reconized the spouses of our Military and what they go through as well. I was then surprised by the visit of Governor Otter, and his "wild ride" and his "cowboy up" and well he went into the dirt and got dirty like the rest of us! I still think he should of gotten a "reride". Maybe the next time! Good to see such wonderful and patriotic people in office.

My daughter went to school with Daniel Dopps and they were friends. He is missed. I think it is wonderful to see this Rodeo in Memory of Daniel every year and I know it will be here in 50 years. Daniel would be so proud...that is for sure.