Letter to the Editor

Houston deserves your vote

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear editor:

I have a very deep impression of Mr. Cladis D. Houston's zeal and earnestness in excelling in the position of Zone 4 Trustee of Mountain Home School District No. 193. I am very glad to write this letter on behalf of Mr. Houston because I know very well his ardent love for children and education. Mr. Houston has approached any and all aspects of his life, career, education, teaching, working with the community with eager anticipation. Mr. Houston's management style is that of a true veteran. His maturity that stems from life lessons, service in military, community involvement, life coach and father is evident and, as a result, commands real respect from all. Mr. Houston has always maintained a level of efficiency that is fueled by his obvious work ethic and his professional concern for education and community. No time wasted by Mr. Houston.

Cladis D. Houston is a patriotic, talented, dedicated man who is very accomplished. I am continually impressed at the degree of care, presentation, and thoughtfulness he gives to everything he touches. He is bright, thoughtful and caring, works well with others, learns quickly, and expresses himself clearly. In short, I highly support his candidacy for Zone 4 Trustee of Mountain Home School District No.193.

Mr. Houston exhibits professional behaviors, ethics and values. He is very dependable, conscientious and professional in his appearance and demeanor while respecting the variety of cultures present within the community.

He works well with individuals in both formal and informal settings; in addition Mr. Houston has been a resident of the Mountain Home School district for over 16 years and is a parent of one of the District Honor students. He believes the pursuit of happiness and quality education are inseparable.

I trust he will earn your support.

Darlene Watson