Letter to the Editor

SRA should be embarrassed

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear editor:

Ms. Andrea Shipley and Snake River Alliance, you should be embarrassed. You had a very nice long letter but it failed to address your strong points against nuclear power. You took up half a page attempting to discount Mr. Gillespie which I feel you did a very bad job at best. You should have concentrated your energy towards your Alliances stance on nuclear power. Maybe you just don't have enough "current day" facts to fill up even one column. If you want to hound on Mr. Gillespie why don't you wait for cup process and development agreement hearing to address what his claims are to complete this project. If you are using the information from the internet and hearsay, you might be considered an unreliable source. If Mr. Gillespie revealed his hand now that would be a very poor business decision. State facts, Andrea, not passion at this point in the game.

Mr. Speaks, thank you for your comment that Elmore County doesn't have any smart enough or qualified people in it to run a nuclear facility. Good luck to fit in to this small community now!

Courtney Ireland