Letter to the Editor

C.D. Houston will do a great job

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear editor:

On May 19 we will be given the rare opportunity of electing a pillar of our community as Trustee to the Mountain Home School Board, Zone 4.

C.D. Houston, 'Cladis', has a long list of qualifications. Most noteworthy are the countless hours of volunteer work he enjoys giving to Mountain Home. Cladis is a member of: (1) Citizens on Patrol, (2) Annual AF Appreciation Day Volunteer, (3) Moderator for the First Congressional Church Counsel, (4) Lifetime member of the Disabled American Veterans, (5) Strong advocate of the Idaho Youth Ranch, (6) Eight time paint the town volunteer, (7) Charter member of the A.F. Memorial Foundation, (8) Coordinator and Director of the 366th 'Adopt a Highway' program, (9) Shop with a COP volunteer, (10) History of working with our mayor and local educators on our City's Anti Drug Campaign.

C. D. Houston offers our community the potential of achieving a paradigm shift in school board leadership and will provide new energy to lobby for improvements in our Local Education Programs.

Cladis is a man of his word; he has walked the talk. There is no better qualifier than the latent image of the aforementioned.

Don't miss this opportunity; mark down the date and Vote C.D. Houston to the Mountain Home School Board.

Greg Montanino