Letter to the Editor

Tom Rist always there, willing to get his hands dirty for our town

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dear editor:

I am supporting Tom Rist for mayor.

Tom has worked hard to make Mountain Home a better place. You can see by the pictures over the years in the Mountain Home News of Tom out digging holes for new trees, cutting weeds and getting his hands dirty, all for the betterment of the city.

I have worked side by side with him on community clean-up days.

You may not always agree with Tom, I don't, but you cannot argue he truly loves Mountain Home.

Tom leaves his regular work at Meadow Gold and puts in a full days work for the city. He is very aware of what goes on in the city, whether it is driving his route, or going out with a city employee to investigate a complaint, or other city issue. When it concerns the city, he is there.

He attends all the regular council meetings and all the special meetings with the council, the count commissioners, budget hearings, all the meetings. He attends them all, no excuses, 'no "I have a previous engagement."

Tom is there for the citizens of Mountain Home.

Vote Nov. 6"' Tom Rist!

Ron Monasterio