Letter to the Editor

Anderson deserves your vote

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dear editor:

I have known Russ Anderson for close to 30 years now. I admit that I didn't know him very well at first, but I've come to know him as a really great guy since that time.

In 1980, Russ married Lisa, the daughter of my very good friends, retired Judge Earl Whitman and his wife, Betty. Over the next few years, it seemed that all I ever heard from them was Russ, Russ, Russ. "Russ can do this," and "Russ knows that." "Russ is a volunteer fireman," and "Russ serves on the Traffic Board and on the Library Committee."

To be honest, I was getting a little tired of hearing about Russ. Nobody can do all that and still do it well. This Russ guy sounded too good to be true.

Then I began spending more time around Russ and his family, and we've shared many meals together. (Believe it or not, Russ is a pretty good cook, too!) I had the opportunity to get to know Russ much better. I observed him in action with my own two eyes, and thought, "Lo and behold, Betty and Earl were right -- he does do all those things, and more!" I've seen him rush off to meetings and fires, and I've heard him discuss city problems with a great deal of common sense and often come up with practical solutions.

Along with all his community involvement, Russ is a wonderful family man. He and Lisa have raised two great kids, Matt and Nick, whom anyone would be proud to call their own. Yes, Russ really is one of the rare people who really can do it all, and do it well. Mountain Home is fortunate to have him as one of our own.

I know you will not regret joining me in voting for Russ Anderson for city council.

Judy Mederios