Shockey crowned homecoming queen

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Crystal Shockey was crowned Homecoming Queen during halftime cermonies at Friday's Homecoming game against Kuna.

Shockey stood with fellow candidates Angelina Axtell, Kimberly South and Megan Spurney as their fathers popped ballons over their heads. A shower of sparkles falling from the balloon over Shockey told her she had won the balloting by students at Mountain Home High School.

Shockey was crowned to the applause of the capacity crowd at Tiger Field, and earned not only a kiss from her father, but hugs from her fellow contestants.

Earlier in the day, during the pep assembly held at the high school gym, Ben Knudson was named Homecoming King. He and fellow candidates Andrew Cauffman, Robert Nicolosi and Tyler Zamora were forced to take part in a pie-eating contest to find out who had won. At the bottom of the pie plate, one plate had the word "winner" printed. A gooey Knudson held up his arms in victory when he reached that point.

As usual, the seniors won all the homecoming assembly contests.

Spirit sticks were handed out to a number of students, in two categories. For the "fall season," sophomore Brock Zamora, junior Travis Elliot and seniors Jason Lambeth and Travis Stanek where honored for their school spirit. For "Homecoming Week," sophomore John Salsberry, junior Jacob Dunn and seniors Megan Spurney, Andrea House and Adrianna White were honored.

During the homecoming dance, the rest of the school royalty was announced. The prince and princess were Jacob Dunn and Sloan Grimmett, and the duke and duchess were Rickey Lopez and Amanda Bitterman.

Only one problem cropped up during Homecoming Week. Tuesday night some of the senior girls involved in the Wednesday powder puff football game painted slogans on the cars of some of the junior girls. Principal Barry Cahill called in both classes the next day, and stressed that homecoming was about coming together, not waging war on each other.

Still, the competition between classes was spirited throughout the week. The seniors won the Macho Man volleyball match, and the powder puff football game ended in an official tie, although the girls kept playing after the refs had gone and the lights had been turned out, until the senior girls could finally claim victory.

The homecoming game, itself, was a nail biter, with the Tigers securing a spot in the state playoffs by edging Kuna 10-7 in overtime (See story page B-1).

Participation by students at the homecoming events during the week was excellent.

"It was one of the best we've ever had," said Cahill. "There was a lot of student involvement. They got dressed up for the theme days, they helped decorate the halls and gym. And when they weren't doing homecoming things, they were focused in class."

Cahill said his favorite part of the week was the parade. "There were a lot more floats than last year, a lot more people got involved."

Cahill praised the student leadership for putting on the Homecoming celebration, citing a number of students who made key contributions, "but I'm afraid I really couldn't list them all without missing someone."

Cahill said he was glad to see the sort of school spirit shown last week return to Mountain Home High School.

"It probably didn't hurt that we also have a winning football team," he laughed.

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