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Got a question? Post it here! Maybe our readers will have your answers. Share a recent adventure or maybe you're looking for ideas. Post it Here!! The banter box provided by this website is designed to allow the community to discuss issues of interest and concern openly and to generate ideas for resolving problems or improving our community. This forum is a non-political, non-business oriented forum For the benefit of all our members, the following rules apply and you are agreeing to abide by these rules.
1. We reserve the right to edit messages or remove any messages which is deemed inappropriate for any reason.
2. Advertising and promoting are strictly prohibited. This forum is for discussion of issues and not for promoting of business or services. Spamming is not permitted.
3. All material posted on the forum must be original and signed by the person posting the material. No poster is allowed to infringe on the copyright of any other person in posting content to the forum. If you must quote from another source, you must acknowledge that source and your use of this material must be limited and not in violation of the original writer's copyright.
4. Pornography, racially abusive or sexually abusive comments are not permitted.
5. When you post on the forum, you are agreeing that we may distribute your message via the Internet and to include it in a publicly accessible archive in perpetuity. You are granting others the right to quote from your post here or elsewhere.
6. Do not start a new subject in an existing thread. Begin a new thread if your subject does not fit into any existing subjects.
7. Constructive criticism is encouraged. Derogatory comments are not constructive criticism. Simple posts that you agree or disagree with the prior poster do not add significantly to the discussion and simply take up space that others might want.
8. When you register for purposes of acquiring posting privileges, your information will be treated in the strictest of confidence and will not be sold or otherwise provided to a third party, unless under the order of a court of competent jurisdiction.
All participants must be 18 years of age or older. Multiple registrations are not permitted and if discovered, all of the registrations of a participant will be terminated.. We retain the right to remove any post for violation of the above rules. Repeated violation of the rules may result in a decision banning you from posting privileges for a period of one month. Accrual of repeated warnings may result in permanent suspension from this forum. Participants should not attempt to discipline another participant who is violating the forum rules. Instead, report the post as being in violation of the rules and allow the forum moderators to proceed with sanctions.

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