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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

They didn't learn the lesson

Posted Wednesday, November 10, 2010, at 9:01 AM

The long national nightmare of the mid-term elections is now behind us -- and the 2012 presidential race has already begun. The voters just can't win.

Last week's election was a resounding victory for Republicans all across the country. In Idaho, if you had a "D" behind your name, it stood for "Dead." For the first time in memory, every state and federal position in Idaho is now held exclusively by one party.

At the national level, there are ominous signs that neither political party really understood what the voters were telling them.

Democrats seemed determined to retain Nancy Pelosi as their leader in the House of Representatives. Some Democrats want her to step down, but the GOP landslide in Congress probably eliminated the vast majority of anti-Pelosi Democrats, so our guess is, she'll keep the job. And in the Senate, Harry Reid is likely to stay on as the party's leader there, despite the fact he barely survived a challenge from one of the crazier candidates running this year. Had a truly viable candidate run against him, he'd be on the outside looking in today. Retaining party leadership that drew the ire of voters across the nation does not seem very smart.

But on the other side of the aisle, the Republicans seem poised to make the same kind of arrogant mistakes the Democrats did when they took over two years ago -- and which led to their demise.

The GOP leadership has indicated it's top priority will be making sure the president's agenda is blocked at every turn, in order to regain the White House in 2012. Get ready for even greater gridlock and partisan politics than we had over the last two years.

Jobs and the economy were not the highest priority on the agendas listed by any of the GOP leadership. Regaining power is their priority.

Apparently, nobody who got elected seemed to understand that the historic switch in power in the House reflected massive voter dissatisfaction with "the way things are."

Voters are tired of gridlock. They are tired of partisan politics. They want our elected leaders to get down to the business of finding ways to make things work, not just playing the power game. If those who came to power in the GOP landslide don't understand that, come 2012 all those gains could be reversed.

It's time our elected leaders, in both parties, started actually listening to what the citizens of this nation really want. But early indications are that neither one did.

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Actually the Dems took control of the senate and congress in January 2007. Pelosi and Reid have been leading both sides of the isle since 2007 so lets give them full credit for four years and not just two.

-- Posted by Trouble2011 on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 12:29 PM

Yes, but Bush and the so called republicans didn't help either. They went along with the fiscal irresponsibility so they are just as guilty. Don't get me wrong I voted for Bush but in this last election I voted for Reps, Dems, and Independents depending on their views and fiscal awareness. Imagine what would happen to you if you wrote checks that you didn't have the money to cover. No we need term limits, no retirement for 6-8 years of government SERVICE, no congressional heath care that is different from what they just passed, and no raises or perks. It should be regular people and not a career. And if you or your spouse's net worth is over 1 million dollars you are disqualified from office....once you hit that mark you are out. Can you say special election?

-- Posted by Trouble2011 on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 3:49 PM

Gosh Trouble, your profile pic is, well....troubling! Aside from that, I do believe that our constitution states that congress will not pass or enact any law that they themselves don't have to abide by. If our elected officials gave up all perks, including travel, accommodations, meals, parties, clothes, bar tabs, housing, communications, bribes (oops, did I say that out loud?)etc., can you imagine who would be left to actually want to run????

-- Posted by bearhunter on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 4:28 PM

Yes honest people that want to serve their country for other reasons than to get rich and the kickbacks.

-- Posted by Trouble2011 on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 9:36 PM

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