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Saturday, March 25, 2017

CLDC has done great work

Posted Thursday, September 30, 2010, at 10:33 AM

The Community Leadership Development Committee, charged with determining the feasibility of building a community center, probably with a swimming pool, under the aegis of a contract between the Western Elmore County Recreation District and the Treasure Valley YMCA, has done an outstanding job.

The CLDC has accomplished more in the last year than the WECRD had done in the previous eight years. The WECRD had an idea -- and a good one -- but never really a true plan. The CLDC's work has created a detailed analysis based on a solid plan. Every member of the committee deserves high praise.

It was not a rubber-stamp group involving a select few. It was a broad-spectrum group representing diverse segments of the community. Some of its members had even been selected because they were opponents of the rec district's operations. It could have easily devolved into a no-compromises logjam (at lot like Congress). But instead, every person on the committee gave the proposals a fair shot and have worked to see what was feasible.

The revenue study and survey, released in August, was one of the best we've ever seen done in this area. That narrowed the options down and the CLDC then started building a "business model" for how each surviving option would work.

One assumption of the CLDC, and a good one, was that they wanted the final project to be ultimately self-sustaining, even if it might need a couple years of tax-dollar subsidy to get it on its feet.

Throughout the process, the CLDC has been very conservative in developing its revenue and expenses projections. They have erred on the side of caution and that means, if this thing ever gets built, there probably won't be too many unpleasant surprises.

But the final conclusion is that the rec district simply can't afford to build, at this time, a facility with a pool, using just its own resources. Outright gifts, donations or grants totalling at least $3 million (and possibly as much as $4.5 million) will have to be raised. The rec district can't borrow the money and make it work, and a bond just won't fly in the current economy.

So the project now falls on this community to take ownership of this project. Can we raise $3 million?

That's a tall task, although one worth trying. But if we can't, this project could be delayed years -- and the rec district itself might not survive that long.

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Sorry, but you're wrong.

The CLDC was not anywhere in the vicinity of conservative with its figures nor was the survey detailed with anything but conjecture.

With very little effort it is easy to take the year to year revenue that the WRECD gave the budget and finance committee and see that it shows a 3% increase in taxes every year. Not very conservative.

No plan was ever even considered that did not involve a building with equipment in it that would kill the tax paying fitness businesses in town. Not very conservative.

The survey company that they used thought that the 40% population increase from 1990 to 2000 was a good number to apply to 2000 to 2010 so that number had to be revised down by over a thousand households. But even though that number was being worked on, the survey was given to the paper for publication because it showed that pools were cool. Not very conservative.

The numbers for building and sustaining any of the options uses all the taxes. The taxes that are saved, the taxes that are collected every year, the 3%per year tax hike, and the taxes from a bond. All those taxes and THEN you have to pay to use the Taj Mahal. Not very conservative.

Oh wait, I'm a little slow I guess. You meant that the CLDC is POLITICALLY conservative. I get it now. I have to revise the above statement. They ARE conservative. They want to tax us for something most of us wont get to use. Then they want to tax us some more. You're right, we should just be happy that the big shots of Mtn Hm are going to tell us dumb little drones how much to pay and when to pay it. "When I say jump, you better say how high, yes drill sergeant". Hopefully in their all knowing wisdom, benevolent kindness, and altruistic power they will let us stand across the street and watch them use the pool that our money built.

High praise to the CLDC almighty. After spending over 50 thousand to find out that we want a pool their big recommendation is........wait for it......to spend another 30 to 40 thousand to redo the same kind of study,(the Shaw/Snow report), that was done in 2002, (just a bit better economic times), that concluded that the absolute max that could be raised was 1.5 million. They know it cant be done, but they want to take the easy way out by spending more of our money so that they can have study number 138 that says it cant be done.

The WRECD board can't get it done so they hire the YMCA to put together the CLDC. Who in turn hires a survey company to ask people if they want a pool and to put a couple local businesses out of business. Then when they find out that people want a pool and to kill local businesses; oh wait did the survey ask if the people wanted a pool if their taxes would go up every year, if they wanted a pool if they would have to pay more taxes for a bond, if they wanted a pool if they had to donate to the pool fund, if they wanted a pool that only 18% of their neighbors would be able to afford to use, if they wanted a pool so that there was no money for anything else? Say it ain't so! The survey just found out what the CLDC wanted it to find out? Oh the humanity! But I digress. So the CLDC finds out that we want to kill local tax paying businesses and then they decide that there's just a bit too much of our money lying around and that they better spend some. Why can our money be spent on everything but recreation?

CLDC Tad "Well lets see, we could really show our lack of intestinal of fortitude and redo a study that's already been done."

CLDC Biff "That's conservative values in action. Aren't we the best and brightest?"

CLDC Tad "Why yes we are honorable sir."

CLDC Biff "Can I pat you on the back good fellow CLDC member?"

CLDC Tad "Why yes you may my good friend."

CLDC Biff "Hey wait a minute. I'm kind of feeling like I deserve some high praise."

-- Posted by AtomicDog on Thu, Sep 30, 2010, at 9:21 AM

Really? Conservative? Perhaps less than factual would be a better statement.

AD, right on point as usual.

I am still wondering something. If this "facility" will serve only 12-15% of our community and it is possible that 10% could be on free/reduced fee memberships...how will 5% pay the bills? Nobody can seem to explain that point but it will have a huge impact on the already fudged up numbers that are being used.

Conservative? Is that the new buzz word for stupidity and misleading the public? Is it "conservative" to spend another 30-60K on a study to find out how much CANNOT be raised in MH for this? The Shaw Snow Report was done, it was very expensive and the results of that study were pretty clear. Same rich people in MH were in that study and the same will be in the new one. Use the money for RECREATION...not "recreational" spending and more stupitity. Enough is enough already. Put the money to good use in the community and call it good.

Conservative. Yep. Just like the Obama administration.

-- Posted by OpinionMissy on Thu, Sep 30, 2010, at 3:38 PM

Check out this article under the "your stories" drop down on the main page of Mtn. Home news. Wow. I had no idea about this. Someone is trying to provide activities for the kids, something the kids and some parents want. What a novel idea. You really have to check this out. The name of the article is:

"Open Soar" Fundraiser for new skate park.

Hopefully MHN staff checks this out and can write an article themselves on this.

-- Posted by midea on Fri, Oct 1, 2010, at 12:01 PM

Midea, Yeah the IDEA it great. Unfortunately, I've spent time at the current skate park..... and I know some of the things that happen there. Some of those kids could spend a little less time smoking pot/cigarettes/ and drinking and a little more time in school.

-- Posted by yoB on Tue, Oct 5, 2010, at 7:51 PM

yoB, Obviously you have'nt spent a LOT of time there, my son and his friends hang out there and I have never seen anyone smoking or drinking alcohol there. What Phillip Garcia has started is a terrific thing, to get a skatepark built WITHOUT a BOND so the kids can have a Professional skakepark for competitions to keep kids OUT of trouble. If teens decide to drink or smoke they will wherever they can get away with it. Most teens do these things because there is nothing to do, this will give them something to do.

-- Posted by Moanah on Tue, Oct 5, 2010, at 11:06 PM

Monah- I just believe the percentage of kids that spend time at the skate park is that high. We already have a skate park.... Let's think about getting something we don't already have for young people that do not already currently have a place to go to. I feel like a new skate park would show no significant impact.

-- Posted by yoB on Wed, Oct 6, 2010, at 4:19 PM

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