Time for the crises to end

Posted Wednesday, September 25, 2013, at 8:27 AM
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  • THIS IS IS NOT A ONE SIDED FAULT THEY BOTH ARE ACTING LIKE A BUNCH OF 1 ST GRADERS.IF the republicans were not so busy with there intent to nullify a presidency things could be gotten done.He is not wrong about everything..........enough already

    -- Posted by lamont on Wed, Sep 25, 2013, at 12:31 PM
  • Moral majority, Republican's trying to nullify a presidency references the person who is president, Obama.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Wed, Sep 25, 2013, at 4:45 PM
  • Republicans in the House of Representatives need to recognize that they shouldn't be using extortion over the budget to force their will on the country. If they keep up this criminal behavior they will very likely destroy the Republican party.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Thu, Sep 26, 2013, at 6:19 PM
  • Look up the word extortion "opinionofmine" and then look at Boehner's comments. He is trying to get rid of a law that a minority doesn't like by threatening an economic crisis.

    You have no idea what "my kind" is and my age is not an issue so please stick with facts and keep the personal comments to yourself.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Fri, Sep 27, 2013, at 8:53 AM
  • "The tea party's plans will inevitably fail. Americans may be confused about the health law, but they aren't interested in a government shutdown or credit default to get rid of it." From the New York Times Editorial Board.

    -- Posted by Geordey on Fri, Sep 27, 2013, at 3:16 PM
  • No CoolBreeze. How about some truth to back up the accusation?

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Sat, Sep 28, 2013, at 12:39 AM
  • Your giant intellect notwithstanding, CoolBreeze, you should still try some fact checking. You are simply incorrect in your claims.

    Obamacare will not unleash horrors. It's not a WMD, it allows those that are uninsured to be insured at reasonable prices. I realize that is a simplistic answer but, in this case, keeping it simple is probably for the best.

    The real issue is that Congress needs to decide on a budget and the Tea Party Republicans shouldn't try to use that to get rid of a law that they can't get rid of using our normal checks and balances system.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Sat, Sep 28, 2013, at 10:08 AM
  • Ironic CoolBreeze83647 wants facts and truths when he cannot separate conspiracy from reality. But we'll keep on publishing his version of hard truths until we get to #60.

    The ultra-conservative fact, logic and history as they want you "to believe" continues at #3 as shown below from a link posted by CoolBreeze83647. And remember these are suppose to be hard truths.

    | "Liberals use moralistic platitudes and catchy phrases like "social justice" and "The Brotherhood of Man" to appeal to the naive masses who are duped into believing that the ultimate goals of Liberals are genuinely benign and beneficient." |

    Only you can decide if the Tea Party, CoolBreeze83647, and ultra-conservatives are telling the truth or trying to scare and deceive you.

    -- Posted by sara-connor on Sat, Sep 28, 2013, at 11:20 AM
  • "I'm for stopping Obamacare, but shutting down the government will not stop Obamacare," -- Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Republican)

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Sat, Sep 28, 2013, at 11:30 AM
  • I have a son who has a job however no health insurance. I seen on the news the other night that Idaho has over 147 insurance plans he can buy into. I'll let you know what happens when he has a plan! I'm excited he's finally going to have health insurance coverage!

    Thank goodness he's never missed work because of an illness. He's been working for the same company here in Mtn Home for over 12yrs.

    -- Posted by MsMarylin on Sat, Sep 28, 2013, at 1:49 PM
  • I'm allowed to carry my young adult, just starting in life, child on my employer insurance thanks to Obamacare. This eases my worry of my child not having insurance and getting hurt or sick, bankrupting the family to pay medical and hospital bills.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Sat, Sep 28, 2013, at 5:35 PM
  • Patrick,

    Your employer allowed that before Obamacare, it's nothing new! At least not for you.

    -- Posted by TundraRat on Mon, Sep 30, 2013, at 8:08 AM
  • Moral majority that was an opinion article that you are citing. Here is the news from minutes ago from Reuters.


    Democratic Senator Charles Schumer of New York said he was still holding out some hope that the House Republicans "would come to their senses" and vote to keep the government open.

    "It is extortion," Schumer, speaking on "Morning Joe," said of Republicans' strategy. "It's holding the good of the country - the economy, middle-class people at risk."

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Mon, Sep 30, 2013, at 10:52 AM
  • This came from the Washington Post.

    "* WALL STREET JOURNAL SLAMS TED CRUZ: The Wall Street Journal's editorial board absolutely blisters Ted Cruz and his doomed crusade to defund Obamacare. The most important line in the editorial:

    The only real way to repeal the law is to win elections.

    It's the latest sign of alarm among GOP elites about where this is all headed, now that the madness unleashed by years of lies and distortions about Obamacare can no longer be contained."

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Mon, Sep 30, 2013, at 3:49 PM
  • Good morning Mt Homers!

    While you were sleeping, our good ol' elected "servants" once again kicked the budget calamity can down the road, AGAIN. Gosh, hope I don't need to "do some research" on that as well.

    -- Posted by opinionofmine on Tue, Oct 1, 2013, at 1:37 AM
  • As of today Obama has an approval rating of 52%


    Thirty-six percent (36%) of Likely U.S. Voters believe the government should require every American to buy or obtain health insurance, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Fifty percent (50%) disagree and oppose the so-called individual mandate. Fourteen percent (14%) are undecided.

    So if the 14% decide the government should require every American to buy into a Health Insurance Plan then were tied

    If they disapprove well then it would be 22%

    How do you like them apples?

    Think about this it was only a telephone survey. Now consider who could of answered the phone!

    -- Posted by MsMarylin on Tue, Oct 1, 2013, at 9:54 AM
  • What the actions of the House of Representatives have shown is that they think that misbehavior is a good negotiating technique.

    You negotiate through strength. Winning elections is a way to get that strength. The current Republican party is losing ground on being able to win elections through such shenanigans. They will continue to lose seats in Congress for being known as the stupid, badly behaved party.

    They failed in trying to stop Obamacare but they managed to shutdown part of the government. Not exactly something to be proud of.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Tue, Oct 1, 2013, at 10:09 AM
  • It's disgusting what the Republicans did attaching "defund obamacare" to our National Budget. Seems they like to start up games to play.

    Every Congressman who voted to shut down the Government should be removed........

    -- Posted by MsMarylin on Tue, Oct 1, 2013, at 10:41 AM
  • Boehner wouldn't even let the House vote on what the Senate sent back. Some people think between Democrats and moderate Republicans, if a vote would be allowed, the government would not have a shutdown.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Tue, Oct 1, 2013, at 10:59 AM
  • FROM A PROCEDURAL POINBT AND FROM A POINT OF BEST FOR THE COUNTRY THIS IS WRONG. I WANT AND ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION ....How many who voted to shut the government down have school age children and are not millionaires?????? IT'S EASY TO TALK TRASH WHEN YOU DONT HAVE THE FINANCIAL PROBLEMS OF OTHER PEOPLE.The devastation heaped on a family with a bad or continuing illeness is beyond most of us's reality,look for one an sit down and talk to them, see if they want obamcare or not,i'll bet they do.

    The republicans have played this as if someone is getting something free when the whole objective is to bring people in from the cold and make thenm buy health insurance so those of us who can afford it are not paying for those who can't.tHE NAME OF THE GAME IS THROUGH TIME TO FORCE THE INSURANCE PRICES DOWN.I wonder how much in insurance stock the repubs own collectively???

    They don't want the law ok ......then ROMMNEY SHOULD HAVE KEPT HIS MOUTH SHUT AND WON AND ELECTION.I also noticed how the subject changed from it doesn't work to we just want it fair for everyone with no exemptions.......hello..... and then they tag there staff amazing ,that is a joke and we do this at the 13th hour.They are playing the American people cheap.They cant stop the law but there trying to make themselfes exceptions to obeying it.

    I do see one thing finally some people who should have said it before are saying it now ......this is about the president and a culmination of a campaign to nullify a president it is a about race like it or not.

    THE BUSINESSES WHO CLAIM TO HAVE TO MAKE EMPLOYES'S PART TIME,they don't have to, they didn't offer comprehensive health care in the beginning.They didn't want to pay the difference in wages between having healthcare for full timers as part of there pay package and not having it,they could write off insurance they cant write off wages.The American who is not business savy doesn't understand the tax laws if they did they would see the garbage.........got to go bck you later

    -- Posted by lamont on Tue, Oct 1, 2013, at 11:46 AM
  • Here are some facts.

    1. There are three branches of government that provide checks and balances, according to the Constitution of the United States.

    2. The Legislative branch passed Obamacare.

    3. The Executive branch signed it into law.

    4. The Judicial branch upheld the law as constitutional.

    5. The American voters reelected the head of the Executive branch who signed Obamacare into law and supported the law in his campaign.

    6. The Tea Party faction of the Republican party has been unable to pass anything to rescind Obamacare.

    7. According to polls, Americans think shutting down the government by the Tea Party faction is wrong. We don't know if it is wrong because:

    - It is dumb.

    - It is extortion.

    - It hurts America.

    - It is all of the above.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Tue, Oct 1, 2013, at 2:30 PM
  • WELL MR MAJORITY WHAT IS A DI???WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT PEOPLE ON WELFARE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING??Most people on welfare are subsidized or is that something you didn't know about????? Please tell us what you consider to be welfare because based on what you are implying anyone who receives assistance is a welfare despot.Taxpaying working folks ........hello.......Do I need to remind you that most people on welfare are white or is that conviently forgotten????? Most states adhere to the 3yr rule some don't and those who game the system do get caught probally not fast enough.

    SO lets talk about one of the aspects of the healthcare law.......pre existing conditions.....I am going to use myself 6 yrs ago I had prostate cancer.........if I had to apply for insurance on the private market I would have been denied.....last yr I had colon cancer I had operations,chem,radiation and a host of other things to the tune of $ 101.000.00 for the first half and still counting on the second.If I didn't have the coverage I have I would be dead.......and before you tell me about welfare recipient I spent 28yrs to get the coverage I have.If I didn't have it I am sure I would be losing my house,car,and anything else I have of value.My wifes future would be in jeapordy and her health would be at risk....she has pre existing.....Do you know anyone with a pre existing condition?????? I GUESS YOU WOULD SAY LET THEM DIE......EVEN IF THEY WANTED INSURANCE THEY COULDNT GET IT.sOME of the people you consider to be welfare recipients are your neighbores who needed assistance to get through this recession.I WOULD GUESS YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN ILL,YOU NEVER NEED ANYTHING,NOTHING EVER HAPPENS BEYOUND YOUR CONTROL,WHAT PLANET DO YOU LIVE ON????????AND before you tell me about my coverage I guess you would consider me welfare because the government pays for mine to the tune of about 98%.THAT is the price of me wearing the uniform for 28.........

    NOW wether you want to admit or not that people to include conservatives have said this is about the race of this president I really don't care.tHE REPUBLICAN PARTY SET OUT TO NULLIFY THIS PRESIDENT FROM DAY ONE.it CAME CLOSE TO HAPPENING BUT THIS ISSUE HAS SHOWN THE TRUE COLORS OF WHAT THIS IS ABOUT.......THE RACE IS ISSUE IS ONLY A CONVERSATION PIECE BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW IT,IT IS JUST REFRESHING TO FINALLY HEAR THE CONSERVATIVES ADMIT IT.......WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.I'M NOT PREDICTABLE THAT'S WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO BELIEVE BECAUSE IT ALLOWS YOU NOT TO CONSIDER WHAT I SAY TO HAVE CREDERABILITY. I JUST SEE WHAT I SEE WITH OR WITHOUT MY GLASSES.I lived what this man is going through and still do, so I would have to say you have no idea, and until you get a clue to it, it would be best if you didn't comment on it.I have some very conservative friends who are white and they have said what I said a couple of years back.........you can believe what you want.

    Now to the weakness. Lets get in touch with when you have to fight doublly hard for the same things you take for granted, I don't think that qualify's for being weak.Weak is when you stop fighting and I don't know anyone who has.......to Include THE PRESIDENT.Most people wouldn't put up with the crap he has in his position ,weak is the name callers who know he has reigns on him and cant fight back.I don't have reigns on me.You also need to ck the polls......especially the south and the northwest......so I would have to say we have a select group of people who have certain attitudes that have not changed,to include your saint PRES Reagan.I'LL say it those people hate having a black for president it's simple it is not complicated you don't really think we thought all whites would accept this man did you???????? get IN TOUCH WITH THIS, WE DONT ACCEPT ALL WHITES AS OUR PRESIDENT EITHER,SO THE FEELING IS MUTUAL.tHE DIFFERENCE IS WE DO TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT SOMETHING THAT SEEMS TO BE LOST ON SOME.............

    When you get i'll and you will.please don't ask for help please show us how to be so morally right,Show us how to lose everything you own ,show us how to let a dear one die, show us how to not take anything from the government.makes us you..........hello !!!!!!!!!!

    -- Posted by lamont on Tue, Oct 1, 2013, at 2:40 PM

    -- Posted by lamont on Tue, Oct 1, 2013, at 5:23 PM
  • COOLBREEZE.......there were months to sit down and iron these matters, none of them needed to be brought up a week before the budget action was required. Nothing should have been tied to the continuing resolution to fund the government.THOSE ARE SOME FACTS THAT ARE OUT THERE FOR ALL TO KNOW.

    I will not say that the PRESIDENT DIDNT HAVE A PART IN THIS, HOWEVER YOU DONT CHANGE LAWS THIS WAY.The president started this when he made exceptions at the request of both party's he never should have done that.The bill is the bill you fix the glitches as you go just like any other law,and it is a law. You don't wait till the 13th hour to start amending a law.

    I would suggest that there are blind partisans on both sides,based on your comments I KNOW YOU KNOW YOU DONT WAIT TILL THE DAY OF ACTION TO START ACTION ESPECIALLY IN POLOTICS.

    tHE GOP IS ON RECORD FOR SAYING A LOT OF THINGS, OR HAVE WE FORGOTTEN WHAT SEN MC CONNAL had to say upoun this presidents election.I would think some might consider that to be the intent of the GOP.

    MY thing is does any of them care about the American people.......yeah.....you and me.The GOP planned this for over a year.So if I lose my house because of them are they going to replace it, I don't think so.So I am not a happy camper and anything that this cost me I am going to send my congressman and senator a bill I suggest you do the same..............later

    -- Posted by lamont on Tue, Oct 1, 2013, at 7:47 PM
  • Tea Party Logic:

    1773: "The world is round."

    2013: "The world is flat and FEMA has re-education camps all over the country."

    -- Posted by sara-connor on Tue, Oct 1, 2013, at 7:52 PM
  • CoolBreeze in regards to "simpering" and "hypocritical" comments somebody very smart said this which seems to apply to your claims.

    ""How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg."

    Abraham Lincoln

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Tue, Oct 1, 2013, at 9:04 PM
  • WOW! thank you all for informing me that the republican and the GOP are the ones that have caused all of Americas problems..... Really, you people are funny. To think that the democrate have had no part in this mess is crazy. Their arrogance alone should tell you they need to go just as bad as the republicans. This is a government problem not a party problem. Both parties have forgotten what their jobs are, and its not fighting for their personal interests. They have forgotten about the people and how they got in office in the first place.

    Some of you talk as if Obomacare is affordable? If a family only has 25 to 50 dollars at the end of the month how is $108 for the basic family bronze plan affordable? So the answer is pay the penalty, right? So Obomacare has just forced the majority of the lower middle class and lower into government assisted health care. Yet one more program for our government to control the people. We now have welfare, houseing assistance, foodstamps, free obama phone and now for some obamacare. And this is what the democrates are fighting for

    -- Posted by Tinman65 on Tue, Oct 1, 2013, at 9:24 PM
  • I think the Democrats and the moderate Republicans want a budget bill and don't want to be extorted into adding additional unrelated legislation.

    From what I've seen people are pretty confused about Obamacare and who pays what. I've also noticed that the same people that hate Obamacare seem to hate Obama. Is Obama Obamacare and is Obamacare Obama. Are they the same thing? I don't think so.

    That leads me to believe that the hatred of Obamacare may not have an honest, factual basis.

    -- Posted by Geordey on Tue, Oct 1, 2013, at 9:46 PM
  • YES THE DEMS ARE FIGHTING FOR........AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE AND YES SOME WILL BE SUBSIDIZED.I would rather have that than forgien aid,bUT I DO REALIZE they will try and have both.I would rather just spend on the citizens of this country period.

    When you look at the whole deal no one party spends anymore than the other it's a matter of were they have there priority's. They cut food stamps but pay farmers not to farm,the conservatives also advocate subsidizing the oil companies,who only make about a 400% profit.But they don't want to help out the auto industry....maybe because the people who work there use there hands?????? The conservatives even changed the bankruptcie laws so that they can confiscate and resell your property faster.We could go on about what's important to who but the reality is this could have been solved through a clean resolution.The fighting should been done at another table at another time.This was done on purpose, you can tell they keep trying to add little pieces to the resolution every hour.

    Nothing like some name calling to make us feel better.......maybe I see the conservatives as a bunch of facist ........so lets see, that would be the republican facist party, emphasis on facist.But I don't find this blog as a place to constuctivly chastice them by calling them out of there name.MUST be nice to be so perfect, furloughed a good thing .......yeah right......maybe for some but I am sure the vast majority of people disagree.BESIDES that if you don't believe in your government why are you working for it????? I KNOW THAT'S OK.ONE MINUTE WE ARE CHASTISING PEOPLE FOR GOING TO THE GOVERNMENT TROTH BUT WHAT WE ARE REALLY SAYING is IT'S GOOD FOR SOME OF US BUT NOT ALL OF US.Funny SOME havn't shown any real understanding of the many problems our country faces's.

    HOW MANY SAW THE THE INTERVIEW WHERE THE LADY SAID SHE "HATED OBAMACARE BUT LIKE THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT" THAT SHOWED REAL KNOWLEDGE RIGHT??? wrong it showed real bias/bigotry.IS that a good example maybe not,but just maybe it say's more than some of us want to admit.............have a good one

    -- Posted by lamont on Wed, Oct 2, 2013, at 12:01 PM
  • Sad thing happened. The missing woman's search has been stopped because of the Government Shut down. It's not just about a person's pay check!

    Did you see on the news yesterday where a group of WW11 vets had a trip paid for by donations to go see the WW11 Memorial in D.C. only when they got there it was shut down. Thanks to Obama it was opened up for them to tour on their own..

    -- Posted by MsMarylin on Wed, Oct 2, 2013, at 1:47 PM
  • The ultra-conservatives are quite an unprincipled bunch around this part of the world. For example Moral majority, who appears to hate everything about our federal government, comes out of the proverbial closet as a government worker. In one way or another tax payers are paying this ultra-conservative's salary each and every day?

    Then moral majority tries to justify his 100% acceptance of tax payer money to support his lifestyle by saying "because ther is not a job in Mountain home that pays a living wage". Really? Then get a real job in another city that doesn't rely on tax payer monies Moral majority. Do the "moral" thing and quit your US Tax Payers paid job and work for a corporation you preach about being so great.

    None of my friends nor family rely on the US Tax Payers for a paycheck and yet to the ultra-conservative, we are the socialist? Heck, each and every paycheck we earn goes to help pay for Moral majorities health care (just like ObamaCare), food (just like food stamps), cell phone (just like the ObamaPhone) and even his housing. Moral majority is completely hooked on government money. Slurping up on tax payers is called what?

    We hate to place labels on people but when Tea Party members steal words and post them as their own, we call CoolBreeze a plagiarizer. When ultra-conservatives accept a living wage from US Tax Payers we have to call Moral majority a hypocrite in this situation.

    -- Posted by sara-connor on Wed, Oct 2, 2013, at 3:23 PM
  • It would appear that Sara's posts provide insight as well as her point of view which she has the right to express. Any "delusion" lies elsewhere.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Wed, Oct 2, 2013, at 5:41 PM
  • THE FED does not control the affordable care act.........it forces people to buy health insurance.......from the private sector.Did anyone read that part of the bill.......I for one say right on.........pay your way and quite sticking me with parts of your doctors bill.


    ME..... IM NOT GOING TO ARGUE GUNS....BECAUSE I don't see a need for every person to be armed as if going to war.....but that's your business.You don't want your 2nd amendment rights trampled........I would just like to have equal rights......


    The presedent has no more power than what is vested in the constitution......nothing to discuss.

    HE can put forth laws he feels are in the best intrest of the majority of the population,but those laws have to be ratified by the congress and the senate.....That is the power of the constitution.......I DONT THINK WE SHOULD FORGET THAT......LITERAL TRANSLATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO PERSONAL INTERPRETATION BASED ON FEELINGS.......TO BAD THE WORDS OF OTHERS ARE NOT INTERPRETED WITH THE SAME ZEAL.

    -- Posted by lamont on Wed, Oct 2, 2013, at 5:44 PM
  • So apparently sara-conner thinks our President is a slurper too, doesn't the tax payer pay him also. Maybe he should do the moral thing and get a Job in a different city...lol

    There is a big differance in getting paid by the taxpayer for a job that needs done. And reciving free substance from the government. Moral majority acually WORKS for what he gets (key word in this sentance is work), he is not waiting in line for a hand out. Sara-conner you might want to remember it takes people to keep this nation free both active military and the civilians that work along side them. AND THEY DESIRE RESPECT NOT INSULTS.

    -- Posted by Tinman65 on Wed, Oct 2, 2013, at 6:54 PM
  • The ultra-conservative fact, logic and history as they want you "to believe" continues with a post from CoolBreeze83647 as seen below. And remember this is a fact to the ultra-conservatives.

    | "Obama a fascist? You darn betcha!" |

    Only you can decide if the Tea Party, CoolBreeze83647, and ultra-conservatives are telling the truth or trying to scare and deceive you.

    See what we did there CoolBreeze83647? We didn't have to go out to some obscure website to copy the rants and drools of a Tea Party Patriot, we just use your rants and drools. As you see, we place a tremendous amount of value into your insights.

    -- Posted by sara-connor on Wed, Oct 2, 2013, at 7:11 PM
  • There are moderates and then there are ultra-conservatives. Rick Perry, Governator of Texas, former candidate for this lands highest office and likely a front runner for the next loser of Tea Party Presidential contest had these answers on ObamaCare;

    Q: What about the millions of Texans who can't afford health care coverage?

    A: Gov Rick Perry said that the uninsured already have access to health care.

    Q: This access to heath care is folks showing up at the emergency room to get their health care isn't it?

    A: Perry said Texans prefer this to a system created by Washington, D.C.

    Even if what Gov Rick Perry said was true and we doubt that, health Care by Emergency Room is not a solution. More like a bandage on a gaping chest wound. The greatest nation in the world and the Tea Party wants the USA to have a health care policy worse than that of Russia?

    -- Posted by sara-connor on Wed, Oct 2, 2013, at 7:23 PM


    That is not why I wore a uniform and I find those things unacceptable in the richest country on earth.

    TINMAN....MR MORAL MAJORITY RACE BAITS ME ALL THE TIME. HOW COME YOU DONT FIND THAT DISRESPECTFULL???? I'll put my service up against anyone's here but for some reason what he has to say is ok but what SARA has to say is not and she gets chastised for it............YES I can take care of me I just thought your double standard was worth mentioning........by the way what do you base that double standard on????????? JUST CURIOUS.......!!!!!!!!

    -- Posted by lamont on Wed, Oct 2, 2013, at 10:00 PM
  • Why is a budget bill a debate over Obamacare? Budget bills should fund things that have been passed and not be used to re-write already decided upon laws.

    If Boehner and the small faction that he is currying favor with want to get rid of the Affordable Care Act then he should pass a bill to handle that and then send it to the Senate. Oh wait, he has tried that dozens of time and he can't do it because he doesn't have the votes.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Wed, Oct 2, 2013, at 10:51 PM
  • Lamont, I didn't condone any of the comments made all I did was defend the fact that he works for what he gets paid. It is not a handout to be compared to welfare and other government assistants

    The comments made also implied that people that receive or have received a paycheck from our government are slurpers and yes lamont that includes you and anyone else that has served this country either as a civilian or active duty, and that is what I found to be insulting. And that is why I used the word people and not he, I also used they and not him. Because I felt the comment insulted all who have receive a check from our government for a hard days work.

    Yes I know he baits you all the time, and do I feel thats right? not really. but do I disrespect his service? No. nor would I disrespect yours and I feel the comments made did just that.

    -- Posted by Tinman65 on Thu, Oct 3, 2013, at 2:14 AM
  • I'm disrespecting Moral majority's constant lies, insults, and general bad mouthing about his employer, our government, including his upper management, the President.

    That has nothing to do about his military service unless he was doing the same thing while serving.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Thu, Oct 3, 2013, at 11:48 AM

    COOBREEZE .....if you think that the color of the presidents skin is a blip in this nation......that is your business however the facts of survey's would show that you are probally wrong.You don't like the race issue then do something about it.THE SURVEY'S IN THE SOUTH AND THE NORTHWEST A PARTICUALY HORRID......AND THAT'S A FACT.

    THE PRESIDENT ISSUED OR SIGNED AND ORDER HE DOESNT GO AROUND AND INSURE THAT THIS IS DONE THIS IS NOT DONE, SOME CARRER BEAUROCRATE IN WASHINTON CLOSED THE MEMORIALS.PROBALLY THE HEAD OF THE PARK SERVICE SO GET OFF THE PRESIDENT.tHAT person was probally like some people who worked for me, they tend to interpret orders literally rather than the intent and they obey blindly without asking a questions,they usually get people killed or hurt.Personally I don't have much use for them.LIKE anything else you have first day glitches but I guess This president is not allowed that.......HELLO !!!!!wonder why????????

    Funny thing Bohener decided that congress should not be exempt at the 13th hour......I would say what took him so long?????probally didn't figure the American public would notice.hE AND HIS COHARTS HAD PLENTY OF TIME TO MODIFY AND CHANGE......THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT........BELIEVE IT OR NOT.

    IF this was about who had to adhere to a law they had 2 yrs to bring it up they didn't.......it is a real issue, however it should have been raised a long time ago.NONE of that should be part of the budget process so pass a budget and stop trying to attach it for political gain.That's what this is about.

    -- Posted by lamont on Thu, Oct 3, 2013, at 12:51 PM
  • It sounds to me like CoolBreeze wants to pick and choose what part of government he wants to shut down and doing a shutdown not aimed at veterans but which applies to everyone is "disrespecting" veterans.

    That's very convenient to s-t-r-e-t-c-h Obama hate talk into disrespecting veterans. Yet CoolBreeze is constantly disrespecting veterans and anybody else who has a different political viewpoint from him.

    This sounds very emotional to me. I hope that CoolBreeze doesn't cry any more about this and maybe can discuss the question at hand which is why Congress isn't getting a budget passed.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Thu, Oct 3, 2013, at 1:28 PM
  • Isn't the topic of this blog about the Shutdown and Congress not being able to pass a budget bill?

    Moral majority you are being DUPED!!! You believe anything if it's negative about Obama. This is from factcheck.org of two examples of this false information about Obama.

    "The rumor that President Barack Obama refuses, or doesn't know how, to say the pledge of allegiance just won't die. Since early in his presidential candidacy, we've been getting e-mails with photos that purport to show Obama failing to properly salute the flag during the pledge of allegiance or the national anthem. The photos have reliably been real, but taken out of context. The most recent example, for instance, included a genuine photo of Obama standing with hands folded while everyone else saluted or put their hands over their hearts -- but that's because "Hail to the Chief" was playing.

    Now the rumor has been repeated with a photo that's not only miscontextualized, but fake. This picture supposedly depicts both President Obama and Michelle Obama saluting the flag during the pledge of allegiance with their left hands instead of their right. But the photo has been flipped, and the original picture wasn't taken during the pledge of allegiance. It was taken during a rendition of "Taps" at a Sept. 11 memorial ceremony."


    Moral majority if you don't know about mirror imaged photographs and how to do that I can explain that to you.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Thu, Oct 3, 2013, at 3:50 PM
  • COOLBREEZE I DID NOT SAY THEY WERE FIGHTING THE BILL IN THE 11TH HOUR.I did say that they added demands in the 11th hr that could and should have been brought up as issues a long time ago.I did not sidestep anything.BY bringing them up when they should have been brought up would have assured there concern was more credible.Bringing that up now was a political ploy to say we care.That is the way I see it and so do a lot of others.

    triblive.com/home/...black-percent-racial attitudes-Obama-survey

    national journal.com/politics/the-story-on-racial-attitudes.

    wptv.com>news political

    or YOU can type racial attitudes towards Obama.



    LET'S see if I have this right, the president came out of the oval office and said"" close the memorials"" you have got to be kidding me.

    YOU need to get something in your mind I lean left but I do not see the democrats as fault free or perfect,if I thought they were wrong on this I would say so......WE NEED A CLEAN RESOLUTION......THAT IS WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN PERIOD.


    -- Posted by lamont on Thu, Oct 3, 2013, at 7:29 PM
  • The Office of Management and Budget, one of many offices that is part of the White House organization, sent a memorandum to the heads of "Executive Departments and Agencies" telling them to execute an "orderly shutdown". There was no special handling just to be mean to the parks department or veterans. That subject (parks, memorials or veterans) never came up.

    It's a government shutdown. When there is no money, you stop providing anything but critical services.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Thu, Oct 3, 2013, at 9:13 PM
  • Here you go a few embarrassing moments. Obama wasn't the only one that made the news with Embarrassing Moments. Enjoy!!


    -- Posted by MsMarylin on Thu, Oct 3, 2013, at 10:01 PM
  • CoolBreeze, it looks like lamont is looking at the big issue which is the Republicans trying to get rid of Obamacare and the motivations behind that.

    You on the other hand are trying to distract from the main issue with trivialities, which upon investigation are frequently found to be untrue.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Fri, Oct 4, 2013, at 9:30 AM
  • From your link Moral Majority:

    "The Federal Employees Health Benefits program...is being terminated for members of Congress on Dec. 31. There is a one-month grace period after that, but ultimately Congress members and their staffers must go through the exchanges." So that should be enough to put to rest the years old "Congress is exempted from ObamaCare" myth.

    Not only is Congress NOT exempted, they are required to sign up for the MOST EXPENSIVE plan. There is nothing stopping anyone else from signing up for the same plan.

    This is in no way a case of Congress being offered a different plan than everyone else. If anyone wants to sign up and pay for the gold plan it's available to them.

    The fact of the matter is that most americans don't make $176,000 a year, so they will opt for the silver or bronze plans.

    -- Posted by Amuzeme on Fri, Oct 4, 2013, at 9:41 AM
  • Obamacare will not impact most Americans because they already have insurance through their jobs.

    It will help some Americans however such as veterans with pre-existing conditions like cancer who up until the Affordable Care Act would either not be able to be insured or pay higher rates to get insurance.

    The good news for you, Moral majority, is that your employer, President Obama, is not going to have you fired for bad mouthing your employer.

    More good news for you Moral majority is that those federal employees put on furlough may eventually be paid for their time off. Some people in Congress are working on a bill for that.

    This means that you too, like the people you hate, will be getting paid for doing nothing.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Fri, Oct 4, 2013, at 11:58 AM
  • So you are claiming that while on furlough you are working for the government and so will therefore have earned the money that you will eventually get for being on furlough?

    It seems to me that you aren't working. You are on the web bad mouthing your employer.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Fri, Oct 4, 2013, at 12:21 PM

    IS there a conservative on this blog that can have a conversation without the name calling?????? no I am not talking to you kentucky transplant your the exception.

    The chances of you getting insurance after cancer within 2 yrs of being cleared are slim to none and the cost is beyond talking about and that includes life insurance......ask me how I know...............Working legal americans.........hate and bigotry.....they do go hand and hand.

    MM...... I say nothing here I wouldn't say to your face.....believe it.I may be getting old but I am not a coward.......you need to keep those kinda challenges to yourself.that will bonly get you scorn here.

    -- Posted by lamont on Fri, Oct 4, 2013, at 3:49 PM
  • I think that the name calling may be a compensating tool to make what is said sound more real. That doesn't work though.

    Or it could be that their parents called them names so they think that is the correct behavior.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Fri, Oct 4, 2013, at 6:32 PM
  • Good points Amuzeme and welcome to the blog! I appreciate the research that you do.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Fri, Oct 4, 2013, at 8:27 PM
  • COOL BREEZE .........I dont start out calling you and idiot and then exspect to have a conversation.And yes if you make a bigoted statement I am probally going to say something about it.YES it's a free country and you can say what you want I just don't have to take it.I also don't unprovoked call people out of there name,in other words you have to do something to me........the staunchest on here will tell you that.But you can keep name calling, people will call you on it when they get tired of it.LIBERALS ARE NOT,COMMUNIST,HENCHMEN,SOCIALIST,ETC.That is your way of attacking peoples crediability.

    You asked about the survey's ,HAVE YOU READ ANY OF THEM?????? I hope you saw that some have conservative authors I tried to spread them across the spectrum.

    WHAT was offered is not a compromise. The budget act has nothing to do with the law and everyone knows it.ATTEMPTING TO CHANGE THE NARRITIVE IS NOT THE WAY TO GO.Pass the resolution....a.clean one,then go after the bill the way it should be done.I feel like that is pretty simple.

    Both sides have painted themselfes into a corner,and it didn't have to happen if they had done what they want to do now a month ago..........but they ALL went on vacation.I didn't get to go on leave till the job was done.What makes them different?????


    -- Posted by lamont on Fri, Oct 4, 2013, at 11:54 PM
  • The democratically elected members of Congress passed the Affordable Care act through a majority vote.

    Some Republicans have tried to get rid of the law but they can't because they don't have the votes to do this in this Congress. They only have enough votes to stop bills so that's what they do. They block things.

    Now they are saying that they are blocking the budget bill until enough people agree to extortion. The United States shouldn't give in to extortion.

    CoolBreeze you have a right to your opinion on Obamacare as do others on these blogs. However nobody has the right to post false information about the law or engage in name calling. Just because you are not stopped from this does not mean that you have the right.

    On both of those things (name calling and false information) you and Moral majority are the worst offenders. Notice that I did not call you a name. I called everyone's attention to your behaviors.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Sat, Oct 5, 2013, at 1:35 PM
  • Where is your information CoolBreeze? Here is some information.


    House GOP Blocks Vote On Re-opening Government

    "The House rejected Wednesday an effort by House Democrats to put a clean temporary spending bill on the floor, closing one opportunity to re-open the federal government.

    The complicated process went like this. House Republicans proposed a partial spending bill to fund the National Parks Service. House Democrats moved to replace that bill with the Senate-passed spending bill that would fund the government as a whole.

    House Republican leadership rejected the motion. House Democrats appealed the rejection. House Republicans moved to block the appeal, and the House then voted 230-194, largely along party lines, to block the appeal.

    If the House had allowed the appeal, there might have been a chance for the Senate spending bill to come to the floor for a vote Wednesday evening. The expectation is that the Senate bill would be approved if put up for a vote, with moderate Republicans joining Democrats to pass it, ending the government shutdown."

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Sat, Oct 5, 2013, at 9:20 PM
  • ......SO let me get this straight......coolbreeze calls democrats henchmen,socialist,and a few other choice names and I respond with the word facist but I AM WRONG.........HELLO TRY AGAIN IT MIGHT WORK.

    Anyhow there is no evidence that the healthcare act will throw the country into depression.(GLENN BECK TALKING POINT)

    When the repubs realized they weren't going to be able to defund they tried to change the narrative that it was about fairness,that was a fall back position(SEAN HANNITY TALKING POINT)

    The constitution is a AMAZING DOCUMENT..however there are things in there that require clearification to be interpreted for cases at hand.tHAT IS THE REASON WE HAVE THE SUPREME COURT.The document is a guidline just like a T.O. it is not and absolute if it was we wouldn't need the supreme court and like a T.O. WE WOULDN'T NEED 9 levels.I told a courtmartial that one time said if it was absolute they didn't need me stop at msgt 7 level.

    The elections will take care of themselves and even with the attempt to suppresse the vote the repubs still have a problem.They have succeded in alienating half the population.The large majority of woman are not going to vote for those who are attempting to take there freedom of choice from them even the older 50- plus.MINORITY's WONT VOTE FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY SHOW no RESPECT TO THE PRESIDENT.They go about the business of demeaning people at every turn to include the name calling.I sure as heck wouldn't vOte for a racist like RAND PAUL.

    Coolbreeze I never told you I was a democrat so I DONT KNOW WERE YOU GOT THAT MY PARTY GARBAGE FROM.I did say I tend to lean left.You speak of justifying, you make every attempt you can to justify every negative remark you make.SUCH AS GOOSE -STEP...... CODE WORD FOR NAZI.The point being that your total negativism about every and anything not the way you see it is unreal. But that is your business.

    Some people who have not had to suffer as others have have no empathy.Some people see it as fair that the 1% should keep getting richer as the middle keeps getting poorer no matter what they do.Some people don't understand that they will not change there profit margins because they have to keep putting gas in there boats.I don't envy those peoples money I simply say when is enough enough,why cant there be and understanding about the need for AMERICAN JOBS AND STOP SHIPPING THEM OUT OF COUNTRY BUT WANTING US TO STILL PURCHASE YOUR PRODUCT,WHY DO WE SUBSIDES MILLIONAIRE FARMING CONGLEMARETES?WHY DO WE SUBSIDES BIG OIL COMPANY'S? WHY DO WE SUBSIDES TABACCO THAT KILLS OUR PEOPLE??

    The arrogance of some to chew a simple park employees butt because the camera is on.THAT shows were they are coming from,chew butt where it should be at the level that you are at.......the head of the parks dept. ANYHOW THAT'S for another day............later

    -- Posted by lamont on Sun, Oct 6, 2013, at 3:57 PM
  • The disparity is great and needs to be reduced, as many people, particularly Democrats want. By saying "under Obama" the link cited is trying to act like the disparity was his idea when in fact he campaigned on the top 1% paying more taxes.

    CoolBreeze, do you have specific exemptions to mention that have not already been refuted many times? This is getting very tiresome.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Sun, Oct 6, 2013, at 8:03 PM
  • THAT ..question is so simple......and you can't blame Obama.The man walk into and economy sliding into oblivion ,do some reading 3 wars on a credit card,a tax cut for everyone but no thought of how we were going to cover the money that was being layed out.The inflation of housing and real property that wound up being devalued because we had borrowed against it so heavily that it wasn't worth the paper on it.These things he had no control over.Now that left his job to be patch a sinking ship.......I didn't care for some of the things they did and still don't but they stoped the slide and started us back to recovery in the mean time the world economy was going to heck in a hand basket and it affects our recovery and still does.

    THE DISPARITY DID NOT COME FROM HIM IT CAME FROM A CONGRESS AND A SENATE THAT AS LONG AS THINGS WERE BOOMING ALONG GAVE NO THOUGHT TO THE FUTURE......That was us.I lost over $100.000 in property values,We all lost about 15% in real income based on inflation and consumer cost because the price of things keep going up but our pay doesn't.

    I didn't say there was parity on the exemptions I SAID THEY NEEDED TO BE BROUGHT UP AT AND EARLIER TIME.......IN OTHER WORDS I DONT BUY INTO THE EXEMPTIONS.I could go into why they got them but that's not the issue,they had months to bring those things up and the 13th hr was not the time.Do some research and you will find out why and how they got there exemptions.Quite trying to make the president your scapegoat......do some reading........before you become so accusatory,we all watch Hannity,beck ,maddow,mathews etc, But we also can think for ourselves without talking points memo's

    -- Posted by lamont on Sun, Oct 6, 2013, at 8:04 PM
  • Good points lamont!

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Mon, Oct 7, 2013, at 8:42 AM
  • COOLBREEZE......THERE YOU GO AGAIN....I have a name and it's not IMO......AND IF YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD DO BETTER YOU SHOULD HAVE RAN FOR OFFICE.....YOU DONT WANT A CONVERSATION WITH reality you want all of us to bow to your way of thinking.IT takes people with credit card dept to dig out longer than it has taken him to put us on a path to recovery.I could tell you what to do with yourself but I WILL NOT STOOP TO THAT LEVEL WITH A PERSON WHO HAS DISPLAYED YOUR WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING......FACT IS YOU DIDNT ANSWER ANY QUESTION THAT WERE POSED TO YOU AND YOU JUST IGNORE THE ANSWERS YOU GOT OR SHOULD HAVE GOT FROM THE SITES YOU WANTED.

    Thankyou for reminding us why not to vote conservative in the next election every now and then some of us forget ourselves......and think of the country first.....when people resort to what you have they usually cant mount a reasonable argument without closinging there minds.I hope that works for you it doesn't look like it does for most of us.............have a good day

    -- Posted by lamont on Mon, Oct 7, 2013, at 10:57 AM
  • You know you are right, CoolBreeze doesn't back up his claims and he definitely isn't humble.

    Yet he demands evidence from others and when they provide it he ignores it or claims that his answers weren't provided. It's very tiresome.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Mon, Oct 7, 2013, at 11:14 AM
  • COOLBREEZE I DONT GET INTO OR KNOW EVERY ABBREVIATION YOU MIGHT USE..........AND I DO KNOW WHAT iM TALKING ABOUT SO DONT TRY TO DISCREDIT ME.I assure you you cant.I would hate for you to have a problem with someone who can think for themselves......I WOULD SUGGEST THAT INSTEAD OF CUTTING AND PASTING THAT YOU TRY TO TELL US IN YOUR OWN WORDS.........If it's not to much trouble.

    For you it makes no difference what is said on the positive of the president......for you he could never be good enough,WE GOT THAT, THE PROBLEM IS IT WOULD COULD BE SURMISED THAT APPLIES TO A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE OF THE SAME PERSUASION AND YOU HAVE PRETTY MUCH STATED THAT.That is not a problem,you just need to stay in your little world and don't envade reality and by the way the next time you feel like telling someone to shove it.......by all means feel free to look in the mirror.........

    -- Posted by lamont on Mon, Oct 7, 2013, at 12:20 PM
  • You agreed with every word because it was mean-spirited. Try using your own words so that we can see if you have any original ideas.

    It doesn't "obviously" show that there are more Americans dissatisfied with Obama. It shows that one 27 year old blogger and comedian who has been an Obama hater since well before the last election still hates him now.

    Lest you forget the election results, the most accurate poll, showed Obama came out ahead.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Mon, Oct 7, 2013, at 2:40 PM
  • AMAZING.....WHEN THE FACTS GO YOUR WAY COOLBREEZE YOU JUMP AND QUOTE THEM,WHEN THEY DONT YOU IGNORE THEM HELLO !!!!!!!CRONIES??????? I don't think so. There you go again with the kind of wording to incite.I don't need to find out abbreviations I am on a blog most people spell things out.....but I know your privileged.

    FUNNY thing other than speaking of cut and paste I didn't comment on the article at all you just want to have and argument with ME you don't like me well to bad.I am free black and 21 and old enough to be your father if not your grandfather,so if you think I REALLY CARE ABOUT YOUR THOUGHTS other than to hope you enlighten yourself you are dead wrong.......you are simply a disrespectfull person especially to certain people.......you ought to check how you talk to ME versus the OTHERS here who have really got in your face so I know were your coming from.

    I assure you you don't want to persue your hatred with me.......There are other things you NEED be doing........I am pretty accustomed to people like you,I am just thankfull that most Idahoans are not like you......most are great people........and YES after 40 yrs I CONSIDER MYSELF AND IDAHOAN........ONE WHO TRY'S HARD NOT TO EMBARRASS HIS STATE AND THE PEOPLE IN IT.I respect my neighbors.......

    -- Posted by lamont on Mon, Oct 7, 2013, at 4:27 PM
  • Wrong CoolBreeze. You are clearly referencing a site that reported on the Gallup presidential approval site for a previous day.

    Here is TODAY's rating.


    As you can see today is up to 45%, up 2 percent since yesterday. To put that in perspective, Congress's approval rating TODAY is 11%. You can see that below.


    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Mon, Oct 7, 2013, at 6:07 PM
  • Obama had a really good approval rating last November.

    -- Posted by MsMarylin on Mon, Oct 7, 2013, at 9:38 PM

    I am not looking to change your mind I post to give another view that's all.I don't exspect some to be able to look at things in a different way.If your so closed minded that you can only see one way that's your lose not mine.

    Ill informed...... HA!!!!!.....according to who?? YOU???.......FunnY thing just what you accused me of is what you do,insulting,twisting,lying,and bullying........one thing for sure I don't cut and paste. Anything I say is mine.

    We are many in this state,YOUR many what??????

    I didn't threaten you,No need ..... some things take care of themselves.POINT....... I am saying is you try all you can to insult and demean and you think I HAVE NOT CAUGHT IT.....WELL NOT ONLY HAVE I CAUGHT IT BUT SO HAVE OTHERS.......I MAKE NO ASSUMPTIONS YOUR WRITING TELLS IT ALL.yOU HAVE BEEN CALLED ON THAT TOO,But it's your's have fun it won't last much longer...........got to practice have fun

    -- Posted by lamont on Mon, Oct 7, 2013, at 10:41 PM
  • "Observe which side resorts to the most vociferous name-calling and you are likely to have identified the side with the weaker argument and they know it." -- Charles R. Anderson

    Words to think about CoolBreeze.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Tue, Oct 8, 2013, at 8:20 AM
  • I'm about making sure that there is a good honest political discussion. If I see something that is false I will tend to point that out. If I see name calling, I have to voice my disagreement over that.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Tue, Oct 8, 2013, at 8:57 AM
  • THANKS SAM........ZOOK AND ME HAD KNOCK DOWN DRAG OUTS ON THIS BLOG HE COMES FROM ONE SIDE I come from another we never once called each other out of our name.We are friends to this day and god knows mike is a conservative to the core.We AGREE VERY LITTLE POLICALLY BUT THAT DIDNT CHANGE RESPECT,AND WE DID LISTEN TO EACH OTHERS SIDES AND SOMETIMES WE COULD SEE THE OTHERS POINT,HE brought his ideas to the blog without talking points and no snide remarks,and no race baiting he knew we had common exsperinces and we also had some things that happened to him and not me and vice versa..he grew up in frisco I IN BKLYN BUT THE STREET WAS THE STREET ,OUR PARENTS HAD THE SAME CONVICTIONS WE HAD MORE IN COMMON THAN ONE MIGHT THINK.We found that out by talking and listening.....they were some good fights.HE is not blogging but he writes the papers and it is the same old mike......and that's a good thing.

    -- Posted by lamont on Tue, Oct 8, 2013, at 12:14 PM
  • I keep reading that Boehner is complaining that Obama won't negotiate. Here is what someone else said was Boehner's idea of a negotiation.

    Can I burn your house down? -- No.

    Well then can I burn down your garage? -- No.

    Darn it! Why don't you negotiate?

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Tue, Oct 8, 2013, at 6:27 PM
  • HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -- Posted by lamont on Tue, Oct 8, 2013, at 7:45 PM
  • Your link is a blog. Do you have any reliable source to back up your claims?

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Tue, Oct 8, 2013, at 9:11 PM

    You notice I didn't get into wether this is true or not. I do know the president doesn't have a ck list on the things that should go.At best you might talk to SEC OF DEF.


    -- Posted by lamont on Tue, Oct 8, 2013, at 10:04 PM
  • My nephew, who is in the Air Force noticed that one of the vehicles was a little dirty. I'll bet Obama ordered that just to make the shutdown more painful for the good people of this earth.

    CoolBreeze your posts are tiresome. Why not research them more thoroughly before posting them so that we don't have to bother with them? It might be less embarrassing to you.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Wed, Oct 9, 2013, at 12:11 AM
  • CoolBreeze it was not all over the news. It was all over the extreme right wing web sites who pretend to be the news. Not even Fox News picked up the story that was started when a brand new, little known Congressman, who is also an Obama hater put out a press release.

    The Congressman, Rep. Tim Huelskamp, had no facts to support that Obama had any knowledge of that supposed closure. Like lamont says, the military commander runs the military bases.

    Please put more research into things before posting them.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Wed, Oct 9, 2013, at 8:06 AM
  • CoolBreeze, your comment and link seems to be very off topic, possibly with the intention of diverting people from the topic of this blog into name calling.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Wed, Oct 9, 2013, at 10:36 AM
  • It is time for this garbage to end, it has sunk to a.......let me see what I can find to put out there......the thing is you would have to not know anything about government to think the president is issuing all these orders.Amazing to me that people believe that stuff.Anyone who has been in the military or around it should know that that garbage is a lie.

    I know it suits the rehetoric that the left has no religion but that is such a lie.What's going on is a search for something to denergrate the president that suits there own bias.If you are already biased this fits,but guess what it is not worth arguing about because if you already believe it nothing will change your mind.If a lie makes you feel good so be it.Point being if you have to stoop this low the only place you can go is up................WE HOPE

    -- Posted by lamont on Wed, Oct 9, 2013, at 12:07 PM
  • I think it's our responsibility to point out links or comments that are untrue though, which is sometimes difficult to do that and stay on topic for the blog.

    It reminds me of the current national crises where Congress is unable/unwilling to pass a budget bill. That's a lose/lose situation with the only thing seeming to matter is which side can make the other lose the most.

    Stepping off my soap box now.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Wed, Oct 9, 2013, at 1:34 PM
  • To your point, lamont, and kind of what I'm saying. Obama didn't cause the shutdown. He isn't in Congress and he isn't the boss of Congress.

    Yet some people are trying to exaggerate every cut because of the shutdown on Obama. These same people would get very irate if the OMB had not have ordered department and agency heads to do an orderly shutdown of non-critical work.

    But like Kelly says in the new blog, Congress has agreed to eventually pay the furloughed workers, so why doesn't Congress just let them work?

    Now I'm really getting off my soap box.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Wed, Oct 9, 2013, at 1:41 PM
  • WE are on the same page SAM were just leap frogging each other.The next thing will be that it just proves he's not a christen.THAT IS THE IMPLICATION.........that's my opinion we shall see what comes out. DONT chase the garbage the truck will break down........smile........later

    -- Posted by lamont on Wed, Oct 9, 2013, at 2:48 PM
  • There appears to be a sign that some Republicans are backing down on the shutdown.


    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Thu, Oct 10, 2013, at 8:28 AM
  • ENTITLEMENTS= social security,retirement checks.Those 2 things specifically will cause more havoc than you really want to see From both political persuasions.A DEFAULT WILL COST PEOPLE THERE RETIREMENT SAVINGS AND 401K'S.SO what is your objective here moral majority ........to kill off as many seniors as you can??????OR just put them in the street and let them die??? We worked for ours already and in good faith saved and sacrificed,I for one don't want to hear about a default to satisfy you want not to pay taxes,I also don't want to hear about I should sacrifice AGAIN for the good of the nation,I did mine, time for you to do yours.

    Default serves no logical purpose and has world wide implications. Every currency in the world is rated against ours.We are the gold standard,default will change that to the tune of trillions,both now and in the future.

    The small amount of people you are talking about mean nothing compared to the impact of default.Your perceptions are out of whack.I am not by any means alibiing those people but I see no reason to cut off our face to spite our nose.......later

    -- Posted by lamont on Thu, Oct 10, 2013, at 11:37 AM
  • It looks like Boehner is offering a temporary budget increase but adding another drop dead date, November 22nd, which will end up being an even worse shutdown if the Republicans and Democrats don't come to an agreement. He does like to be on the front page. Hopefully the moderate Republicans will get him to stop this constant brinkmanship.


    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Thu, Oct 10, 2013, at 11:42 AM
  • Tells can......be......TELLING.

    -- Posted by Pale Ale on Thu, Oct 10, 2013, at 3:49 PM
  • GOLD standard a, figure of speech......wasn't VP chaney who said deficits don't count. The world measures it's currency worth against the USA.Every COUNTRY IN THE WORLD BORROWS TO PAY IT'S BILLS SO DONT GIVE ME THAT SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE LIBERAL GARBAGE.The balanced budget is and ideal not a reality.BOTH REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATES KNOW THAT.

    You don't mind paying oil companies,farmers,tabacoo companies etc what's the problem??? THEY GET FAR MORE THAN ALL THE WELFARE COMBINED. it's CALLED CORPORATE WELFARE...........

    -- Posted by lamont on Thu, Oct 10, 2013, at 5:36 PM
  • "Gold standard, that was done away with a long time agao by another socialist President"

    Hmmmmm, I've heard Nixon called a lot of things but NEVER a socialist. If the hard right considers Nixon a socialist, then there will NEVER be anyone that would live up to their standards of conservatism.




    -- Posted by Amuzeme on Thu, Oct 10, 2013, at 6:19 PM
  • flat tax is good. Everything else was wrong and the last sentence was name calling.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Thu, Oct 10, 2013, at 10:09 PM
  • Are you capable of discussing a political issue without resorting to name calling?

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Fri, Oct 11, 2013, at 10:03 AM
  • SEEING HOW NAME CALLING IS A PART OF YOU........ TELL us what you would call what just left the whitehouse..........better still what did you call him???????

    -- Posted by lamont on Fri, Oct 11, 2013, at 3:27 PM
  • WHAT does this story have to do with the subject at hand?????? COMPUTER GLITCHES ON MASS PROGRAMS ARE COMMON.They did mention that no one broke the law.Was it morally wrong? .....YOU BET.Will anyone get there butt in a wringer...... you bet,But it will not be the people who took advantage of the glitch.Besides if they really want to track them the same computer can deduct from there cards until whatever they bought is payed for, so no more food for some.But that is not the topic we are on.

    -- Posted by lamont on Tue, Oct 15, 2013, at 12:13 PM
  • NO......I did not say it was alright.I stated what has already been said,and they probally wont be prosecuted,But the funds can be recouped as I said.GET off your high horse they did what most people would do.Happens every day I don't like paying for it anymore than you do.Has nothing to do with redistribution,it was a mistake one that was mechanically caused.

    -- Posted by lamont on Tue, Oct 15, 2013, at 6:26 PM
  • I would suggest that Moral majority try to not divert from the topic of the blog. A computer glitch does not appear to have anything to do with Congress and the current crises.

    On topic, I see that Congress still has not come up with a deal.


    "The Republican-controlled House canceled a vote Tuesday night on a plan to reopen the federal government and raise the debt ceiling after support from conservatives for the deal crumbled, leaving Washington without a clear path forward for avoiding a first-ever default on the nation's debt.

    Later Tuesday night, Senate leaders Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell moved to pick up the pieces of the shattered House effort, with aides to both senators expressing optimism a deal could be soon at hand."

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Tue, Oct 15, 2013, at 6:45 PM
  • THINK AS YOU WILL TALKING TO YOU IS A WASTE OF TIME.........You need to go to a black Friday at one of these major stores and see how people act.

    Just what was your last comment sopposed to mean...........no surprise there........YOU NEED TO STOP TRYING TO BAIT ME.......I AM WHO I AM, I CANT HIDE YOU CAN........why don't you just come out and declare with all your so called honesty exactly what you are.Show us all just how above us all you supposedly are.YOU DONT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND ANYTHING THAT DOESNT FIT YOUR WORLD VIEW........TO BAD BECAUSE WE ARE ALL IN ONE WORLD TOGETHER LIKE IT OR NOT.........DONT PRE JUDGE ME YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME.....I CAN TELL YOU THIS.I WASN'T RAISED AS YOU PERCIEVE.,aND I AM GETTING TIRED OF YOUR IMPLIED INSULTS.........THERE GETTING OLD.

    -- Posted by lamont on Wed, Oct 16, 2013, at 12:27 PM
  • "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it." --

    George Bernard Shaw

    Lamont, I think that Moral majority is getting too much enjoyment out of deviating from the blog topic in order to get people's hackles up by labeling groups of people with various names.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Wed, Oct 16, 2013, at 1:26 PM
  • YOU are right SAM.......HE gets on my nerves with his race baiting......him and his friend.

    You don't care for people of color declare yourself and press on,dont try to insult people on the sly like your so smart when your not, we catch it every time and so do others......it's a cowards way of trying to be better than others he perceives as less than.Maybe I feel the way I do because of my family history that includes Tuskegee airman,very well celebrated song writters and muscians,political figures,busness people,doctors lawyers and the such.HE REALLY ****** ME OFF.He gives me the impression he thinks every person of color is doing drugs,stealing,ripping of the government,lying,and a burden on society.LITTLE DOES HE KNOW, THOSE LABELS FIT EVERYONE ABOUT EQUAL,BUT NOT IN HIS REALITY...........anyhow it is easier not to deal with reality, it is easier to make it up.THATS WHY WE HAVE TO CHANGE THE TOPIC WHEN IT STARTS TO GET REAL........I'll try and refrain SAM but it is hard.........smile......have a great day

    -- Posted by lamont on Wed, Oct 16, 2013, at 1:57 PM
  • YOU DIDNT HAVE TO.......I DIDNT SEE ANY PICTURES.YOUR EVERYTIME IS A LIE, WHEN PEOPLE WHOEVER ARE WRONG 100% I say so and everyone here seems to know that except you.What I HAVE THAT YOU DONT IS AND UNDERSTANDING OF SITUATIONS.Get IN TOUCH WITH YOUR MEDIA ALWAYS PLAY'S MINORITIES IN A BAD LIGHT IT NEVER FAILS. IT HAS BEEN A SUBJECT OF DISCUSSION HERE.You can't see that you assume that the pictures are real the same bias you have is the same bias a heck of a lot of media has.

    Your last smart alec remark......you didn't answer the question. I have no guilt, I don't participate in those kinds of events. Contrary to what you belief I don't have a welfare card and never have and nobody in my family ever has.to BAD THOSE PEOPLE DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE A PAWN IN A VERY VICIOUS CYNICAL GAME.aT some point in being poor you don't care.......you don't understand that.TAKE YOUR SUPERIORITY ATTITUDE AND PLACE IT SOMWHERE WERE IT WILL BENEFITE YOU..........I know what I think matters not to you.......what any minority thinks matters not to you ......you are part of the problem not the solution...........some on this blog ,have the exsperiences that give them INSIGHT and yes they are white ,all poor folks are not people of color.White folks have there crosses also, to bad you don't ever see that.........I know you never do anything wrong, so why are you discussing anything with us lowly humans?????FIND SOME NAMES FOR YOUR OWN FOLKS........YOU remind me of one of those police officers that stop black folks and then lie to cover there butts,they incite and then go for resisting arrest.YOU know the guy that say's they must have been doing something wrong...........hello.HE STARTS OFF WITH WERE IS THE DRUGS,OR WERE ARE YOU GOING,WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE AND HAS NO PROBABLE CAUSE OTHERE THAN HIS JUDGEMENT OF WHO SHOULD BE WERE AND UNDER WHAT CERCUMSTANCES......SOME PEOPLE THINK THAT'S OK.......... ANYHOW I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THIS.......just keep your insults to yourself....

    -- Posted by lamont on Wed, Oct 16, 2013, at 4:59 PM
  • SO they proved they could shut the government down........and ?????????? They cost the American people millions and it's sopposed to be ok......make me believe I HAVE THAT WRONG.....PLEASE.........LATER

    -- Posted by lamont on Wed, Oct 16, 2013, at 7:59 PM
  • No, I don't think so CoolBreeze.

    What Moral majority said was "I said nothing about color, its not my fault the people doing this are minorities, and its not my fault EVERY TIME you make excuses for them."

    That statement appears to be race baiting. Lamont told him that he needs to stop that. That is an attempt to stop race baiting.

    I'm curious of why this topic was even brought up by Moral majority since it doesn't have anything to do with the topic of the blog.

    On the topic of the blog, it looks like a compromise has been passed in Congress and Obama will sign it tonight. Back to work Moral majority!

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Wed, Oct 16, 2013, at 9:38 PM
  • Mor. maj., the Republicans also say that America needs to pay its bills. Is that hollow rhetoric too?

    I think paying your bills is a good thing.

    The cuts from the sequester are still in place. Hopefully, Congress will work together now on a well thought out budget. I suspect the key to compromising on a budget is much less finger pointing.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Thu, Oct 17, 2013, at 4:27 PM
  • *

    Intransigent Representatives and Senators involved back in D.C. need to take a breath and reflect on the work that created their jobs.

    Work done by many men of differing points of view.


    -- Posted by Dave Thompson on Thu, Oct 17, 2013, at 5:07 PM
  • -- Posted by Amuzeme on Thu, Oct 17, 2013, at 5:24 PM
  • Moral majority, are you plagiarizing again?

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Thu, Oct 17, 2013, at 5:44 PM
  • I don't smoke weed and I DONT DRINK SO YOU TAKE THAT HIT MORAL MAJORITY.........some people are shown in the baddest light possible and that is a known fact........nobody said anything about staging.......nice try.

    COOLBREEZE YOU MAY THINK MORAL MAJORITY'S SMART ALEC COMMENTS ARE OK I don't.....and you know darn well what he does.

    Well it's about time and they got what????? iIT will just happen again.China is lobbying to remove the usa as the base currency for the world.I don't think the American public understands what that will do to them.The cost of this fiasco ought to come out of congresses pocket at the least we should not pay there butts for the 2 weeks they played us for fools. JIM RISCH on the wrong side of the vote......idiot......bet it didn't hurt him one bit.

    -- Posted by lamont on Thu, Oct 17, 2013, at 8:12 PM
  • Moral majority, why not stop baiting lamont? The topic for the blog seems to be the budget crises and Congress so let's stick to the topic.

    On the topic, I read an article which said that some key Republicans are interested in reducing the influence/number of people in Congress that are tea party members.

    "A backlash is clearly building within the GOP and beyond. Conservative commentator Rod Dreher wrote in the American Conservative about "the tragedy of tea party Republicans destroying their credibility with reckless brinksmanship." David Frum, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, urged the GOP to expel tea party members and argued, "Right now, tea party extremism contaminates the whole Republican brand.""


    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Fri, Oct 18, 2013, at 1:48 PM
  • MORAL MAJORITY.........THERE YOU GO AGAIN......I don't play jam sessions especially in this town. By stating what you just stated you don't know me. Worst than that you called me a liar. Your the liar, FOR THE LAST TIME I DONT DRINK AND I DONT SMOKE ANYTHING,and the instrument I play I wouldn't drag to a jam session,it cost more than everything they could have had there.So who ever you saw you need to go ask them there name.The name here is real.FUNNY I WAS PLAYING A WEDDING IN BOISE SATURDAY AT THE DEPOT.......YOU NEED TO STOP

    I know the more moderate republicans did not want what happened and that was evident.The problem was they went along to get along,that's not good on either side.When they are more worried about there job than the AMERICAN PEOPLE THEY SHOULD NOT BE THERE AND THAT GOES FOR ALL OF THEM.Now wether they took heed or not will be known come January.It really is up to us we need to get rid of those who don't know when enough is enough and are not serving our best intrest.They chased a fools errand.NEITHER SIDE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS AND THEY NEED TO SIT DOWN AND GOVERN AND COMPROMISE TO GET TO THE BEST FOR US........LATER

    -- Posted by lamont on Fri, Oct 18, 2013, at 2:35 PM
  • HERES ONE BETTER.........I have never jammed with carl smith ........never.So you are probally talking about BEAR........RALPH.........ENOUGH.I don't like being called a liar especially when you don't know what your talking about.And yes I say so,ok.

    -- Posted by lamont on Fri, Oct 18, 2013, at 3:47 PM
  • SAM.....THERE IS AND ARTICLE YOU MIGHT WANT TO READ.......IT IS ENTITLED .....AMERICA HES YOUR PRESIDENT FOR GOODNES SAKE..........JUST TYPE THAT IN IT WILL COME UP,it's by William Thomas......says a lot especially about what our allies and the rest of the world thinks about our treatment of our leader............later

    -- Posted by lamont on Thu, Oct 24, 2013, at 9:32 AM
  • Thanks lamont, I did find it. I feel that it is very true and on topic with the problems that have occurred in Congress. When it becomes more important to make the President fail than to pass laws and keep the government going then we have a problem.

    A symptom of the problem is the lack of disrespect not only shown to the President but to anyone that doesn't think as one extreme minority faction thinks.

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Thu, Oct 24, 2013, at 12:58 PM

    -- Posted by lamont on Thu, Oct 24, 2013, at 3:10 PM

    -- Posted by lamont on Thu, Oct 24, 2013, at 3:17 PM
  • I found the article. It was great!

    -- Posted by Sam_1776 on Thu, Oct 24, 2013, at 5:56 PM
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