We ask a lot of our schools

Posted Wednesday, August 17, 2011, at 12:51 PM
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    We tell our kids that they "have to go to school," not that they "get to go to school."

    I like how you say "WE", please don't include my wife and me in your WE. Our children had the privilege of going to school they didn't "have to go to school" as you say.

    We ask a lot of our schools but we also want educated children in return. We don't want the school to turn a blind eye and let students protest outside school property during school hours. Especially if they are in the middle of a busy road yelling at cars as if a pack of wild dogs. We also want our children to actually learn math in math class and not spend the entire class getting a lecture on how the sky is falling and if they don't spread the panic at home the earth will open and swallow us whole.

    I do agree with your last paragraph, it would be funny if it wasn't so true.

    -- Posted by Trouble2011 on Wed, Aug 17, 2011, at 1:04 PM
  • "We don't want the school to turn a blind eye and let students protest outside school property during school hours. Especially if they are in the middle of a busy road yelling at cars as if a pack of wild dogs. We also want our children to actually learn math in math class and not spend the entire class getting a lecture on how the sky is falling and if they don't spread the panic at home the earth will open and swallow us whole."

    That's a pretty big allegation. Do you have proof? If so who was it? Or is it just a rumor you "heard"?

    -- Posted by luvmthome on Wed, Aug 17, 2011, at 1:35 PM
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    Yes I have proof as it was my son that complained about the math teacher. He also told me a couple of his teachers silently encouraged the kids to leave school to protests Luna's plans. I have already talked to one of the school board members and was pretty much blown off. He restated that the official policy was to hold the students that went out to protest accountable, but nothing happened.

    As for the money it was funny how when they got the extra money from the government this spring it HAD TO GO TO PAY and not to the students as in books and such. My home value dropped but my taxes went up for the new levy. Yes are administrators are teaching our children to be financially irresponsible. We are teaching our children that they don't have to live within a budget. We are teaching our children if you want to get rich be a politician or administrator.

    -- Posted by Trouble2011 on Wed, Aug 17, 2011, at 3:11 PM
  • I AM NOT A TEACHER...........IF I WERE I WOULD RESENT THE IMPLICATION OF INCOMPETENCE,AND BEING CONSIDERED A THIEF.........EVERYONE SHOULD GET INVOLVED WITH THERE CHILDRENS EDUCATION AND IT IS NOT ALL ACCOMPLISHED IN THE CLASSEROOM. When a parent gets angry because the child has homework,what does that say ??????? when the teacher says i need to talk to you and you get irrate and say i have better things to do.Lets recognize that learning reqires effort on the students part also.Do not lay the responsibilty for your childs learning at the feet of the teacher alone. YOU should be motivating the child, YOU not the teacher.You dont like the school board run for it,new blood is always needed.

    -- Posted by lamont on Wed, Aug 17, 2011, at 3:12 PM
  • Werborg,

    Are you saying we are paying for the school board to take trips and for them to have phones??

    -- Posted by luvmthome on Wed, Aug 17, 2011, at 3:35 PM
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    Lamont, I'm not sure who you are directing your rants to but I agree with you on most of it. My wife and myself where deeply involved in our children's education and don't understand why parents wouldn't care or be involved. I do however believe that like every profession there are bad apples. Most people don't become teachers to get wealthy; they do it because they love it. As for the homework, when I was a kid if I didn't have homework my parents made some for me just like my wife and I did for our kids. I would consider the school board but have two jobs I'm holding down, maybe when I retire.

    -- Posted by Trouble2011 on Wed, Aug 17, 2011, at 3:40 PM
  • What other things is the school board getting?

    -- Posted by luvmthome on Wed, Aug 17, 2011, at 4:13 PM
  • Werborg,

    Did you get a copy of the budget? Did the attorney give it to you? If you have it, copy it and post it on here.

    -- Posted by luvmthome on Wed, Aug 17, 2011, at 4:32 PM
    Brenda Fincher, Bus. Mgr., MHNews
    We published their 2011/2012 proposed budget and actual for the prior years on June 1st 2011 as a legal. You can check with the district as to what they have available to provide. That is too large of an document to copy and paste here. If you find a link you want to post that is fine. As Werborg commented you will have to do some of this research on your own. It will not be allowed to be posted here.

    I own more than 1 house therefore i pay a lot of taxes and I dont have school age children.I did not like the idea that my values dropped but taxes went up,however i do realize that our children,grandchiuldren etc need to be educated they are our future.I also reralize that a lot of people want to blame teachers and i think that is wrong.I know we would all like individualized teaching for our children ,that is not possible without a lot of money invested in new facilities.So we as parents and grandparents need to take up the slack that is all i am saying.IF the school board is not acting in our best intrest then we ought to challenge that,I have,they dont like me much but i dont care.

    what i am saying is dont make accusations without SOMETHING to back them up especially when you accuse people of stealing it becomes emotional and has a major impact on peoples lives.Sorry after the fact does not fix it.

    We are all hurting and money is and issue i for one am not complaining about what i pay for schools that for me is being a part of my community.I do have a problem with the cost of administration ,and the number of administrators.TEACHERS GET IT DONE ,AND FOR ME I AM GRATEFULL....I HOPE THAT STAIGHTENS THAT OUT,I AM WITH YOU TROUBLE...!!!!!!!!!!

    -- Posted by lamont on Wed, Aug 17, 2011, at 7:48 PM
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    Lamont we finally agree on something 100%. I don't know about the stealing part but I know most of the teachers are good. However there are a few bad ones also that are not in it for the kids. We have too many administrators making to much money. I don't trust them and would not mind the levy if it were not them having multiple levies and not using the money wisely. Not staying in a budget, not cutting the fat like everyone else. I agree most teachers are good and get it done. Can we just get rid of the Administrators?

    -- Posted by Trouble2011 on Wed, Aug 17, 2011, at 8:30 PM

    YOU DONT KNOW ME, YOU DONT KNOW WHAT I HAVE DONE,YOU DONT KNOW HOW MANY COMITTIES OR BOARDS I HAVE SAT ON.SO if your comment was made to set yourself apart enlighten us as to your participation.I probally need to be brought up to speed anyhow,so please share with us.I WOULDNT WANT YOUR SCRAWL TO GO TO WASTE.

    Trouble 2 jobs doesnt leave time for much,do what you can !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -- Posted by lamont on Wed, Aug 17, 2011, at 10:20 PM
  • Start here--Do your own home work and seek out the truth.


    And here


    Responsibilities and standards--I own a home in town, my daughter starts school this week. My property taxes keep going up, the value of my home dropped over 30K in one year's time. During the winter my streets never get plowed. I serve in the Military and know the meaning of service and sacrifice. I sacrifice allot of personal wants so my kids can have nice things and pay for sports and dance. That right, no government help to pay for dance, sports and swimming lessons. Maybe sports in schools should be paid 100% by "sports clubs"-private organizations that raise funds plus parent's footing their own bill. (Look at how they do it in Germany--it works). The same could be done for Band, etc. I will never understand how somebody thinks throwing money at a problem will fix it, that is illogical thinking and **** scary. More money will not guarantee a better product (education) ask any good business owner. Take a look at how Mountain Home schools do across the state, then across the nation. Are we getting are monies worth from the Mountain Home School District? Thank the Lord above I can pick which school to send my kids to in Mountain Home, because the school near my home is sub standard according to the listed web sites.

    Teachers--Nobody is forcing anyone to be a teacher. If you don't like the pay and benefits look elsewhere in your career field, another school, town or state. Or, switch careers. It's my opinion that the original need for Unions has come and gone, and Unions now hurt this country (General Motors anyone?).

    Cell Phones-- I work in an organization with about three hundred people. Four out of three hundred get paid for "official use only" cell phones. These are key leadership positions that are on call 24/7/365. Trust me, the phone rings nonstop. So the amount of people in the schools getting "free" cell phones should be extremely limited--Principal, vice principle and superintendent.

    Unions--I need to educate myself here but, I hope Unions are 100% funded by the Union members. Not one penny of my tax dollars should be going to pay for YOUR PRIVATE organization.

    Snow Plows--Dear Mountain Home,

    Please find a way to buy more snow plows (without raising my over taxed property). My wife and I are from Northern States from the East, and they know how to plow and remove snow and ice to make roadways--to include neighborhoods safe to travel. Living here you would think we are in the Deep South every time it snows.

    -- Posted by DRACO on Thu, Aug 18, 2011, at 9:21 AM
  • Oh....and let's privatize all schools. That right. Make the schools compete for customers (students) and teachers. You want to talk about raising the bar on the quality of an education. Let schools compete for students. Let schools compete for top qualified teachers and staff.

    -- Posted by DRACO on Thu, Aug 18, 2011, at 9:25 AM
  • Well--come to my neighborhood when people are getting stuck. Go up and down Air Base road and see how many people are off in a ditch and the rest of us have to drive 40 MPH or less because the road hasn't been touched...shall I even comment on I-84 between MT Home and Boise....like the NFL football show....Comon' man.....

    Lets not even go to broken/cracked windshields from the poor pave jobs on Air Base road--hot tar and pepples--love it.

    -- Posted by DRACO on Thu, Aug 18, 2011, at 10:58 AM
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    Well said DRACO....Well said.

    -- Posted by Trouble2011 on Thu, Aug 18, 2011, at 11:15 AM
  • oh yeah--I have been here since 2007, your stats run out at 2005--so....

    -- Posted by DRACO on Thu, Aug 18, 2011, at 11:55 AM
  • Property tax goes to more then schools....expand your mind man....lol

    -- Posted by DRACO on Thu, Aug 18, 2011, at 11:56 AM


    2- PRIVATIZE schools ......they are you can put your children in a private school i dont think anyone will stop you.If there is a school that is sub standard (by state standards) i would think we would want to know why and how to fix that not just walk away and say not my problem,Any school that does not meet the standard is a mark against all.were you at the school when our state senator said"we are going to take care of business first and then we will do schools" R PETE NIELSON.i took issue with that and I DONT HAVE SCHOOL AGE KIDS.......I lost over $100 thousand and counting.Public education has enabled everyone to have a chance at and education that is why it's public.Before you get onto the union and then use gm as and example you need to research what happened at gm,not hearsay.

    WERBORG.....thanks for the post for some reason i couldnt find what you put up there.....i have question about pay and some other things specifically some clerk position and some tech assistance positions.And those are not union positions by law they cant be.DIDNT GET ANSWERS TO MY QUESTIONS.

    Sports paid for buys playing time.THAT IS NOT WHAT IT IS ABOUT......All the children should have and equal chance to compete and money should not be a qualifier.We are all struggling my daughter is married to military person and i pay for a lot of grandchildren stuff because i want them to have it.I have 3 children that came through the mtn home school system,and yes i am retired military .Now the government pays X amount of impact dollars to the mtn home school district for those dependent children,The question should be asked how much is that and are they getting it.At one time the state got it used it and mtn home had to go after it.It could always happen again.....worth checking on.

    CJW.......RAISING THE BAR.......I assume you will be able to pay for private school.If you can you can do that now.There are charter schools. In my humble opinion all privatization will do is expand and elitist class and ensure that the major part of our society remains as the workers without hope of being anything but.THIS SYSTEM IS ALREADY IN PLACE YOU ARE ADVOCATING ENLARGING IT.i HAVE A SON WHO IS A WHARTON GRAD.....TALK ABOUT AND ELITE GROUP THAT IS ONE AMONG SEVERAL OTHERS BUT IN THE BUSINESS WORLD THATS THE ONE.HE WOULD TELL YOU IT IS NOT FAIR

    -- Posted by lamont on Thu, Aug 18, 2011, at 1:33 PM
  • CJW.........THE standards are there already....the administrators job is to ensure they are met,they are not doing there job.

    The argument you subscribe too is in the mill right now we shall see.there are pros and cons.....for me i see segregated schools again when you move students based on economics as it stands TODAY AS YESTERDAY.YOU WILL SEE KIDS WHO CANT AFFORD TO TRAVEL ETC BEING UNDEREDUCATED BASED ON MAGNATE SCHOOLS THAT WILL SIPHON OFF TEACHERS AND STUDENTS.i WENT TO A SCHOOL LIKE THAT it required and entrance exam in a city n.y. that was almost all public schools......did i receive a better education YES it was very apparent in college.there were 10 such schools at the time.I am for education of the masses and the people responsible for that should be made to do there jobs wether that school is in nampa, mtn home or boise. I DONT CARE what neighborhood or the social economic background of the children.The children are like sponges and given the right attention and caring they all learn at the same level and that is a proven fact.ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE....so why would we create and unequal system????????I am a believer in you are getting paid to do a job you dont do it I get someone who will.No amount of money in my humble opinion will change that,if you are dedicated to teaching you will teach and they will learn......all of them.

    WERBORG.....I HAD BEEN THERE BEFORE I JUST WAS DOING SOMETHNG WRONG.....DUH......BELIEVE me when i go to these meetings I go with my guns loaded....like I told them you will account for or I WILL STAND AGAINST ANY LEVY....get PAST The diversion of the union and get to the job of the administrators,who are responsible for making things happen.I didnt penalize my airman but whoa be to my masters and techs. IT WAS MY RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THEY GOT IT DONE.that means the principal ought to be auditing classes, evaluating teachers,rating technics and other such things not sitting behind the desk waiting for something to happen.

    -- Posted by lamont on Thu, Aug 18, 2011, at 3:12 PM
  • CJW.....I agree in principle..the one post that did say they encouraged the kids silently i had a problem with. PROTEST ON YOUR TIME.........,YOU LEARN ON MINE...... They either did or didnt.I THINK EVERY PARENT SHOULD HAVE DISSECTED LUNA's PLAN. I personally think he went to far to fast.But thats me.As long as a teacher didn't take a side I DONT THINK THERE WAS ANYTHING WRONG WITH SAYING YOUR MOM AND DAD NEED TO LOOK AT THE PLAN.

    NOW I MUST SAY THIS I AM NOT FOR CUTTING EDUCATION.....I SEE IT AS OUR FUTURE AND WE MIGHT NOT SEE THE DIVIDENDS RIGHT THIS MINUTE BUT IT PAYS BIG LATTER.That is not to say that money solves the problem and i hope i have been clear on that also.I put the responsibilty for succes or failure squarley on administrators and parents.

    I GET A LOT OF MY FEELINGS FROM MY BROTHER ON THIS. HE TAUGHT 35YRS IN THE n.y. school system.HE LOVED THE KIDS.Hated the fact that support for teaching and the children was lacking.He said he could teach any child but the administrators and parents needed a school of there own,together.He felt the kids and the teachers were pawns......his words.I percieved that here and i dont like it.POLETICS HAS NO PLACE IN THE CLASSROOM AT THIS LEVEL...... YES..... YOU BRING IT IN ....... YOU SHOULD BE FIRED !!!!!!!!!

    -- Posted by lamont on Thu, Aug 18, 2011, at 5:56 PM
  • CJW......they get paid to do the paper work to remove people....i would not let any union stand in my way....The administrators need to know the rules so that they work for them.... A Col once told me i couldnt sign a guys discharge papers......HE learned something......smile

    -- Posted by lamont on Thu, Aug 18, 2011, at 6:03 PM
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    The trouble is there are a few teachers that preached the end would be upon us if this levy or Luna's plan passed. I can understand debating it in a political science class but not spend a whole MATH class on how the world would end if the levy doesn't pass.

    Our administrator's hide their bad apples so to speak. We had an issue with principle and took it up the change so to speak. I won't get into specifics, let's just say he was moved from one of the biggest jobs and hidden out of sight the following year. NOT FIRED HIDDEN.

    We also know that no school system would ever resort to CHEATING to keep scores up. That would never happen, oh wait it did. Multiple school districts back east where caught cheating, some even had parties where teachers would get together to fill out tests or pass on answer keys. Not saying it would happen here but anything is possible. I'm sure their school district said the same thing. Corruption starts at the top is all I have to say on that.

    I believe in document, document, and document. I carry a recorder most of the time as you can catch people in some very interesting lies.

    -- Posted by Trouble2011 on Thu, Aug 18, 2011, at 6:28 PM
  • There are always a few that doesnt make them all bad.DIDNT hear about what you said....but it is not beyond reason for some.The bigger it is the more they can hide.I should hope they fired them all...To lazy to teach so they cheated for job security.The losers......the kids.i would be willing to bet it was in a poor neighberhood.So everybody loses.

    Your right it does start at the top,and the top knew about the party's and the swaps,that is why they happened,they assumed they would be tolerated.And yes they will hide them professsionals take care of each other.......ask a doctor,or a lawyer MC GHEE????????? there just doesnt seem to be and end to it.

    take care.......

    -- Posted by lamont on Thu, Aug 18, 2011, at 7:27 PM
  • I am not hostile--why would you say that? Are you trying to paint a picture of me, because thats not very fair. I have lived in over 10 states, and a few other countries, I also drove over the road as a truck driver--so--I can tell you regardless of who "ownes" the roads here in Idaho--they are maintained poorly--especialy in winter. I also have never had as much rock chip damage since I have had my drivers license than in the four years here. Take it for what it is--I was being honest. I do leave early and I do drive for the conditions--you totaly missed the point--thanks for the lecture dad, but I am doing just fine. Speaking of Hostile--have you looked at how much you use all Caps in your posts? I think your a troll--and I will not feed the troll.

    -- Posted by DRACO on Fri, Aug 19, 2011, at 7:35 AM
  • DRACO.....the roads compared to the rest of the us are not maintained at a level we would consider acceptable.......however i will tell you that the weather here has changed quite a bit......i would guess we dont have enough trucks for what we would on the east coats call winter.

    FOR some reason they cant get past chip seal and it makes for a mess.I like you dont have a vehicle without a cracked windshield or at least a rock chip.YES i use a lot of caps i am not a typer and dont care about it if it bothers you sorry about that.I just thought you sounded hostile if you werent you wernt.ARE YOU INTO NAME CALLING???...IF YOU ARE IM NOT.......HAVNT CALLED YOU ANY SO SHOULD I RESPOND IN KIND???????? YOU POSTED I ANSWERD ALL IN GOOD FAITH.WITHOUT NAME CALLING.

    -- Posted by lamont on Fri, Aug 19, 2011, at 8:22 AM

    NO.......... I AM NOT TRYING TO PAINT A PICTURE OF YOU...I TAKE PEOPLE AT FACE VALUE.......UNTIL THE NAME CALLING STARTS.THEN I GET A BASIS FOR JUDGEMENT,YOU FEEL LIKE YOU WERE LECTURED ??????DONT KNOW WHY?/ I SPENT A GOOD PART MY career here i am no stranger to airbase road with all it's horrors.I have always lived in town.IN MY OPINION DRIVING 65 MPH ON AIREBASE ROAD IN THE WINTER WHEN IT HAS SNOWED OR RAINED IS ASKING FOR TROUBLE AND IS NOT PRUDENT,FOR THAT MATTER ANY POSTED ROAD YOU SHOULD SLOW DOWN BUT A LOT OF PEOPLE DONT .If they dont have and accident they cause one.I am stating and opinion and by no means do you need to consider this statment a lecture if you do thats on you ........HAVE A SAFE DAY

    -- Posted by lamont on Fri, Aug 19, 2011, at 8:53 AM
  • ZOOK

    how you doing??????? NO HAVNT RECENTLY,tHE PRESIDENT WILL SUGGEST FIXING THE ROADS .......we shall see what is said about that.It would serve two purposes put people to work and fix the country's infrastructure.But we shall see what is going to happen.

    -- Posted by lamont on Fri, Aug 19, 2011, at 8:57 AM
  • Children need their own space so that they can explore their talent and creativity. We, the parents should always stand beside to help those learning different things. We should teach them different subjects in different innovative ways so that they love to learn them. We should let them understand that homework is the most important part of education and without proper education they can't be succeeded in their life. Parents, especially mother is the best teacher in a child's life. The way, she can guide a child, no other can! However, sometimes, it becomes hard for the parents to help children doing homework. In that case, they can take advantage of online tutoring services like tutorteddy.com.

    -- Posted by MarshellaSmith on Fri, Aug 19, 2011, at 1:24 PM
  • I knew it wouldn't be long before someone started railing against the union! DRACO, you epitomize everything that's wrong with the current national conversation on education. This article is about preparing children for school and the responsibilities of parents. Nowhere in there is the union mentioned. Nor should it be. Somehow, this country has gone way off course when it comes to diagnosing what's wrong with our schools. Instead of discussing the absurdity of the importance of standardized testing and the general apathy on the part of today's youth, we're lambasting the union and the talking heads on TV are likening our salaries and benefits to those of a Wall Street banker! Are you kidding me?! Unions have absolutely ZERO to do with the conditions children are in when they come to school. Unions have absolutely ZERO to do with the fact that many of our students can't be bothered to even glance at an agenda at the end of the day to see what homework they are responsible for. But thank God we've got you, DRACO, and your worthwhile opinions! And by the way, thanks for your pointers on how I can better enjoy my career. Your advice is both informed and practical, especially the part about moving. Nothing I appreciate more than someone outside of education telling me about my job.

    Trouble2011, I understand you want to believe whatever your son tells you, but consider the source. I'm not calling your son a liar, but students misconstrue the facts all the time. How exactly does one "silently encourage" students to leave school, anyway? Have you approached the teacher about this? And I don't mean going into school with guns a-blazing. As a school board member, I'd blow you off if you came in that way too. My point is, students garble my words all the time--they're just kids, you know. What I appreciate is when a parent seeks out my side of the story. I love my own kids, but when it's their turn to report on the school day, I know I'll take what they say with a grain of salt.

    Bottom line is this, nothing is going to change in education if all we're talking about is the supposed poisonous effects of the union. What we should be discussing as a country is such topics as why our assessment of our children takes only one form, why kids have a sense of entitlement these days, why education is not valued as much as it was, say, 20 years ago, whether or not it's time to dump the traditional 9 month calendar in favor of year-round schooling, and what needs to happen at home to better prepare our kids for school. Often, I hear folks says things need to go back to the way they were when they were in school. I say right on! Don't know about you all, but when I was in school, success started at home.

    -Husband of BoiseRN

    -- Posted by BoiseRN on Sat, Aug 20, 2011, at 7:35 AM
  • Boise RN

    The following is a story taken from another blogger on this site

    Kids take a Stand or Just Skipping School

    Posted Thursday, March 3, 2011, at 12:29 AM

    I got a text from my daughter on Monday, bless her heart, telling me that she had left school to protest. My first thought was relieved that she would make sure that I knew where she was and what she was doing. My second thought was kinda proud that she would make a stand for something she believed in. However, I am a mother and so called Queen of the Morons so I will admit that the words I texted to her were as follows:

    Her: Mommy, I am protesting.

    Me: What are you doing?

    Her: protesting

    Me: U in school?

    Her: No but I won't get in trouble cus there is alot of people doing it. They said its ok if its ok with ur teacher. she said I could go protest with everyone.

    Me: Where?

    Her: Standing in front of Dollar Store yelling No More Luna.

    Me: You have teachers there?

    Her: No cuz not everyone in class left cuz you don't have to go if u don't want to.

    Me: Do you even know what you are protesting? Have any of you read the bill?

    Her: We know what it's about

    Me: So u r against getting a laptop? Online classes? More science or technology training?

    Her: Yes, I'm against it!

    Me: Ur against that some teachers may lose their jobs.

    Her: Yes

    Me: Did you actually get to read the bill?

    Her: They told us about it.

    Me: So you are protesting based on what someone told you? If u protest u should have all info b4 making a decision.

    Her: We do! ok!

    Me: The teachers explained it?

    Her: Yes

    Me: Really?

    Her: Yes all of us

    Me: What don't you like about it?

    Her: That teachers will lose their jobs

    Me: It's not all about that. It is more

    Her: I know!

    Me: I don't think you can know if you didn't read it. You can't make a decision about it if you don't get all of the info for yourself.

    Her: I know enough!

    That was the end of the conversation as I drove by the Dollar Store. The students weren't there so I drove by the school and my daughter was safely back in class. My feelings as a Mother are very mixed. Concerned! Worried! Angry! Confused?? She just answered my questions. What am I supposed to think? I know that I am not comfortable with the idea of teachers complaining about this bill, giving their feelings about it to the students. If there was to be discussions about it with the students, then first all of them should have had the bill to read before making their decision. I am all about protesting something that you are against. Taking a stand is a proud thing for a Mother to see in her child. Following blindly without being informed is not such a proud thing. Allowing yourself to be influenced without demanding to know the whole story is dangerous. However, this could all just be a great way for the kids to get out of class for an hour or so; blow off steam, enjoy yelling and being part of a group rebelling against something. Afterall, she's only 14. This little trip could have all been about getting away with it and being a follower. I can't help but worry. She's a teenager.

    -- Posted by MsMarylin on Sat, Aug 20, 2011, at 8:51 AM
  • How about the school district allowing employees to take taxpayer property...ie expensive drill presses, etc. Those are not the property of the school district to just give away! That is theft. How about that? And before ya ask---yep, it is fact and not rumor. Ask the MHSD Board about that. Tens of thousands of dollars in equipment walking out the doors with the administrations blessing.

    It will be a cold day in HE double hockey sticks before I EVER support the MHSD and the current Board. What a crooked bunch.

    -- Posted by OpinionMissy on Sat, Aug 20, 2011, at 5:11 PM
  • For the record, their budget means VERY little. What you really need to look at is the MHSD check book and copies of ALL credit card statements as well as invoices. And of course we pay for the cell phones and trips. C mon folks---think. Certainly you do not think they pay their way for "school business." Another fun item would be the expense account for McMurtrey and some of the others. Just sayin. If you want to be outraged---and have the facts----do the research.

    -- Posted by OpinionMissy on Sat, Aug 20, 2011, at 5:15 PM
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    You are calling my son and a couple of his friends that confirmed this event. I complained to the principle. I was pretty much told the same thing that they are just kids and they lie. After seeing what happens in the Mountain Home School District, I would believe a teenager over the schools administrators any day. The event happened as did one of his teachers encouraging the students to hit the streets and protest. WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISON DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. In both cases the teachers used their position and influence to BRAINWASH or at least try and brainwash the kids. You can deny and stick your head in the sand as the administrators always do, you can play hide the principle or stick your fingers in your ears for all I care. I would believe satin him before I believe the MHS Administrators.

    -- Posted by Trouble2011 on Sun, Aug 21, 2011, at 10:31 PM
  • By the way--that was real low ball how the assessment was done last go around with my taxes going up first--then my home was assessed after and dropped 30K in value--Stay classy Mountain Home!

    -- Posted by DRACO on Mon, Aug 22, 2011, at 7:02 AM
  • YOU should go and find out how the assesment is done,you also can challenge and assesment. And what does a parent with a 40K vehicle got to do with this???????? AT THAT COST IT PROBALLY BELONGS TO SOMEONE IN THE MILITARY....SUBPAR TEACHERS WITH A LEFT WING AGENDA........suggestion......WHY DONT YOU VOTE TO FIRE THEM ALL......WHAT AND ACUSSATION.The teachers are pretty dedicated and nobody has questioned that or there abilities.The whole states housing values dropped as has the nation what would make us different??????? 30k that is about what everybody's dropped join the club.Dont lay that on our teachers......The money thing school board and administrators.put the blame were it belongs,teachers are worker bee's.AND by the way my brother taught for 35 yrs and still does p/t.Administrators here cannot be in the union.OPINION MISSY POINTED RIGHT AT IT aDMINISTRATOR BLESSING.....ENOUGH SAID

    -- Posted by lamont on Mon, Aug 22, 2011, at 8:40 AM
  • Troll

    -- Posted by DRACO on Mon, Aug 22, 2011, at 11:35 AM

    Maybe we should stop giving military pay raises

    seeing how we do have some subpar soldiers and of course we should blame them all.Dont forget the tax payer continually brings up $400.00 hammers and $ 600.00 toilet seats....would you consider that a fair criticism ???????? i wouldnt.Please exercise your freedom of speech....by setting the example and being constructive with it......

    -- Posted by lamont on Mon, Aug 22, 2011, at 12:27 PM
  • Subpar soldiers are removed from service. Apples and oranges--you're reaching bad to hear yourself type. The term Troll is a social media term. You have posted prior that you do not care about your abusive use of all Caps--you said "YES I use a lot of caps I am not a typer and dont care about it if it bothers you". Since you are using social media you are subject to social media "norms". That means it is considered rude to use all caps-that implies yelling. So either your rude or ignorant. The caps lock is easy to use, just press it and a light will illuminate, indicating that the caps lock is on. To unlock simply press the caps lock key again, you will notice that the light goes out-quite simple really. To check your multiple grammar mistakes cut and paste to a Microsoft Word document and use spell & Grammar check.

    -- Posted by DRACO on Mon, Aug 22, 2011, at 2:19 PM
  • Oh--and Congress is looking at revamping/reducing the Military retirement program and reducing our education benefits. We are also downsizing again (they have gotten rid of Officers and Enlisted as well as reducing how many years-HYTY-you can stay in),they need to "force shape 5,750 people by 2012-- and have had two DOS roll backs in the last two years, removing the "sub par" amongst the ranks. Pay raise? 2010 was ok, a 3.4 % raise--2011 a 1.4 %--the lowest since 1973--2012 raise is proposed at 1.6 %. Thank god I am not in this to get rich, I will leave that to Hollywood actors and rappers--you know--the important people in society. I have been very constructive with my opinion-I have expressed my thoughts and ideas-you attack people's thoughts and opinions. I could care less if you don't agree with them.

    -- Posted by DRACO on Mon, Aug 22, 2011, at 3:06 PM
  • same here draco.....if you consider caps abusive so be it i dont cut and paste or any of that....take it or leave it.......how long does it take you these days to get rid of subpar airman from what i hear quite a bit of paper work. so my point being dont be casting stones at peoples jobs,and professions when your not in it or done the reseach to bad mouth them.i try not to be rude and i am not ignorant i would suggest that you look in the mirror before you make a comment like that.

    So you get it none of us served to get rich,and a heck of a lot of us got lied to and some very vicious things done to us and we still are not complaining.That included bad housing,bad schools,bad pay and i could go on.your opinion was accusatory to a group of people who do not deserve your scorn......teachers.....This is a right wing state so i could surmise that the teachers are too.......should i say.....subpar teachers with a right wing agenda. based on the immediate community would you say that should fit ??????????.I dont need to agree with you but i dont insult you. ACTORS AND RAPPERS....ARE YOU A POET ?????????? JUST WONDERING

    -- Posted by lamont on Mon, Aug 22, 2011, at 3:36 PM
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