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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spit out the Hot Air, Dr. Seuss and the Cowboy

Posted Wednesday, June 1, 2011, at 6:27 PM

May we all be as courageous as our Pioneers.
Dr. Seuss was once quoted as saying "As you partake of the world's bill of fare/darned good advice to follow/ Do a lot of spitting out the hot air/ and BE CAREFUL what you SWALLOW!

It might not be an exact quote, but he was a insightful man who taught a lot of kids to read with the quality of his books.

If Dr. Seuss had been a cowboy, it might have translated like this: " Don't believe anything that you hear and only half of what you see".

As I reviewed the themes of some of his books. The "Sneetches" came to mind. The "Sneetches" were divided into two groups. Those with stars and those without. And along comes a salesman who offers those who do not have a star, a chance to get it imprinted on their bellies for the unbelievable price of $3.00 with his machine.

This raised the ire of those were born with a star on their bellies. So the slick salesman offered to remove their stars for the wonderful introductory price of $10.00.

And then the confidence game continues, when he offers the newly starred "Sneetches" a chance to use the machine to remove their stars.

As you can guess, this went on until no one was able to tell who was an original "Star Sneetch" or a "Starless Sneetch". Money continually changed hands until they were all broke.

It is pretty much like a horse thief trying to sell a horse to the original owner and convincing him that IT ONLY LOOKED LIKE THE SAME HORSE!

Quite frankly, we are in the same boat today. The horse thief is trying to sell the same horse that we originally owned and is skilfully trying to pull the wool over our eyes as he helps himself to our pocketbook.

A true cowboy will tell you that he knows his horse inside and out. He can tell you each and every marking on his coat, and how they spent a few hours together waiting out a dust storm or blizzard. He will tell you that his horse will recognize him too and will knicker softly when he approaches with the grain bucket.

As Americans, we cannot afford to pay for the same horse over and over again. No horse in this world is worth trillions of dollars.

A cowboy does not ask you how you vote or what party you belong too. His opinion is based on how well you treat your horse and the condition of your saddle. If your horse looks poor and your tack is not oiled and clean, he concludes that you don't belong on the on his Ranch.

The "Sneetches" didn't get much done because of their pride and prejudice. They had forgotten that they were all "Sneetches" regardless of Stars. It made them vulnerable to the Slick Salesman who came along promising them status and and prosperity by inventing a couple machines to add or remove a star from their bellies.

We are AMERICANS!!! We have been given a special gift that all of the world envies and we are trading our souls for the Worlds Bill of Fare.

In the old days, you could recognize a horse thief and most importantly, you could recognize your own horse. It DOES not matter which party that you belong to, we are in BIG trouble. We can't keep giving "Sneetches" a star for their bellies just because they want one. Nor can we deny the stars on our own bellies.

We are different in our thinking, but we live in the same land. It matters that we have water in the drought and shelter from the storms. What doesn't matter at this point WHO ORIGINALLY STOLE THE HORSE IN THE FIRST PLACE, BUT HOW WE ARE GOING TO GET IT BACK!

Justice for horse thieves should be our reflected in our voting choices at the primaries and election time. Your horse might have been an Appaloosa; Buckskin or a Paint. Right now, they are all the same color-RED, like the bottom line of our current Deficit.

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Sometimes I think the same way. We all need to remember that the original Horse was America. And we have already paid dearly for her.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Fri, Jun 3, 2011, at 7:30 AM

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