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Monday, January 16, 2017

New Horses, Gonna be a long story

Posted Wednesday, October 31, 2012, at 3:47 PM

For a coupe of years now, my son has been showing more and more interest again in horses. This of course is perfectly OK with me. He has reclaimed a gelding from my Exhusband. That gelding is the only colt that my old mare ever had So, he's kind of a bit of sentimental value to me. Much like my old mare, he's gentle in his way, but really not a kid horse, and probably never will be. Evan started talking about this horse, and that horse, and several times, I thought, THAT is NOT a good deal. You see, you can spend ALOT of money on a horse these days, but really, with a bit of looking and checking stuff out, you will find that horses are cheap now. GOOD horses too. Knowing that Evan was kind of looking, but not really gonna buy. ( I thought ) Wayne and I were also looking. We wanted to show him a good deal, so he knew they were "out there" We saw an ad on Craigslist for 3 horses that could be had (all) for less than one he had mentioned They were very well bred, young horses that could be awesome. Young is kind of a key word here. That means, totally unstarted, and pretty much unhandled. NOT everyone should do that, trust me. But we knew Evan could. What I have always liked about getting a young horse, is that you yourself KNOW what has been in the their past. There aren't as many ingrained bad habits left there by others. Nothing against others…. just sayin' ….

Well, since i never thought he'd actually buy them, it didn't matter that they were in HorseShu Bend. But then, one morning Evan says "Let's go for a drive up to HorseShu Bend, and check out those horses!" hmmm….. OK! It was a Sunday, and hot….. scenic drive is the plan! We all pile into the truck and we're off!

We get there, and this young couple is just simply overloaded with horses. These horses ….. for sale.


The bay rump on the left is for sale. He's either 2 or 3. And the sorrel paint face…he's for sale. Evan wasn't interested in the paint horse for sale. But we thought we might be. Seemed nice and gentle, but upon closer evaluation, he was a "No"

many again.jpeg

The bay horse most prominent in this photo,….he's for sale. Nice looking horse. He's either 2 or 3, I still have a hard time telling them apart.

many horses.jpeg

This filly is a yearling, and she was not for sale. I wanted her. Badly. Best looking one of the bunch….but dang, not for sale. But, I wanted her!


These 3 bay horses, the gelding that is 3, the stud colt (that will be gelded) that is 2, and the filly that is 1, are all from the same stud horse. Goes back to King Fritz. Most of you won't know or care, but that is some awesome breeding. Foundation Quarter Horse Bloodlines. Strong stock. The filly was still with her mom that day, and the mom was a big old Thoroughbred type mare. Reminded both Wayne and I of a "Jump Horse" Jilly needs another jump horse ya know! Well, this photo is in Evan's field. We brought them all home, including the filly that was NOT for sale….cuz I wanted her. I'm not gonna say what was paid for these horses, but we nearly stole them. Weren't gonna take any, if they didn't throw in the filly, and we would have walked away. (always be ready to walk, and mean it) (Cuz we didn't NEED them) Well, as I said, this young couple was overloaded, and they were happy to not be going to continue to feed these 3. And they aren't started or anything anyway….. could have a hard time selling unproven animals this economic season. The twist to this story, is that Evan originally didn't want a filly necessarily, but he's become quite attached to her…. and she will remain his…. til Jilly takes her over, I"m sure. You know how daughters can be with their Daddies.


The filly is kind of realizing that she doesn't seem to have a Momma any more. Where'd she go???????


She does have Evan though, and He really likes her. None of these young horses were handled much. The gelding was handled the most, and he has the most 'issues" though he will get over them. The stud colt is next in line for being less handled, and he's dang friendly. This filly simply was not handled….. and she craves attention. And she gets it. I can NOT wait to see her future. I'm quite sure she will be pretty tall, and be a jumping horse for Jilly, you just wait and see.We kept her at our house for awhile, til Evan was able to get up another fence to keep the stud colt from her (no need for additional babies…and certainly not like that) At the time of home coming, the stud hadn't actually "dropped" 2 testicles, so couldn't be cut yet,…. shortly after (the next day) the excitement made him realize "Hey! I'm a stud!' So, she had to come visit for a few days with us. That was OK, we had a separate pen for her, which made it easy to catch her. When we brought them home, they just basically were "herded" into the trailer without being caught. She she's still unhanded at the time. Obviously, by the photo below, she has been caught and haltered…. and has come to enjoy it. Most beings do enjoy being handled nicely, and why wouldn't they?


More photos of Wyoming 1923.JPG

Just a few days later, she learns to load nicely into the trailer. Got no reason not to. No force, just encouraging guidelines.

More photos of Wyoming 1930.JPG  More photos of Wyoming 1943.JPG  

Kind of a Love Story huh?

More photos of Wyoming 1886.JPG

I'm excited at this new chapter in my kids lives. It's going to be awesome!

I forgot tot say that due to now being horse owners, they are now also "property" owners. All in a month, they bought horses, and got a new home with the land to put them on. Jilly and Bryce have a huge backyard to play in, and responsibility for animals, just as Evan did growing up. As well as he turned out, it's a good thing.

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I love the story and pictures.......Makes me feel like I can reach out and touch..... The pictures are amazing....

Evan bought some beautiful horses and congrats to him and his family on their new home and property.

p.s. I love reading and seeing Jilly via your blog and images...

-- Posted by MsMarylin on Wed, Oct 31, 2012, at 10:03 PM

That's what i thought too. What comes around goes around

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Wed, Oct 31, 2012, at 8:36 PM

They always come home to what they grew up with. Sometimes we have exceptions.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Wed, Oct 31, 2012, at 8:27 PM

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