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Monday, January 23, 2017

Today’s Lesson, LOTS of fun!

Posted Monday, January 30, 2012, at 12:47 PM


This is going to be nearly my last blog for a few days.  I work 2 days this week, then we are off to Las Vegas for

It starts on Friday, and we are taking horses up on Wednesday, setting everything up on Thursday.  And I'll be photographing to my Heart's content during the event.  This is a 'tribute' to Ray Hunt, and I'm honored/proud to be a part of it.  We are driving up with Carolyn, Ray's wife, taking a horse for Jaton, Ray's Grandson. 

We also have another secret that we are going to do, while there.  Any guesses????  I doubt that game will last long!

Anyway, we do a group lesson on Sundays, at a great indoor arena, so weather isn't a factor.  Thanks to Arlene Hoagland for her hospitality. 

Here are some photos of some of the fun.

My daughter Jess, and adopted daughter Wendy, moms of Jilly and Al.

Lessons & Horse retirement 011

This the little pony who is the Mom of the filly we had this summer in Cascade.  She had not been ridden til last week.  This is her 3rd ride today.  I believe she is going to be a super gentle kids horse.

Lessons & Horse retirement 021


My friend Kelley on Beamer, and Al on Marshmallow

Lessons & Horse retirement 023Lessons & Horse retirement 039Lessons & Horse retirement 041

Kelley is also Al's Aunt!

Lessons & Horse retirement 052

This is going to be Wayne's 1st ride on a friend's horse

Lessons & Horse retirement 059

Due to weather and lots of colds and flues, Jilly hasn't been able to ride for about 2 weeks.  I do believe she happy to be up again!  Looks like Marshmallow kind of likes her too

Lessons & Horse retirement 083

Jilly giving Austin a ride

Lessons & Horse retirement 086Lessons & Horse retirement 089

TRULY, this IS the way a kid should look.  I bet you're smiling now too. 

Lessons & Horse retirement 104

We teach these kids to be relaxed and comfortable on their horses.  He's comfy reaching back to pet her rump

Lessons & Horse retirement 127Lessons & Horse retirement 135

Wendy and Al Barrel/Cone racing, but I think Wendy cheats and pushes Al back!  A wise person once said, "If you're not cheating, you aren't trying hard enough!" !!!

Lessons & Horse retirement 142Lessons & Horse retirement 143Lessons & Horse retirement 148Lessons & Horse retirement 150Lessons & Horse retirement 164

Al, racing the cones, and Beamer looking at her like she's crazy!

Lessons & Horse retirement 167Lessons & Horse retirement 173Lessons & Horse retirement 178

Here is some proof that the little mare will be kid gentle.  Third ride today, and Al is riding her.  In my saddle, so she doesn't have stirrups

Lessons & Horse retirement 182

There is a bit of a spook, and Al knows how to kick her 'outta' gear and soothe her.  We teach that when things are good, so when things aren't so good, they know what to do.  And see Al's grin?  She know's it all good.

Lessons & Horse retirement 186Lessons & Horse retirement 189Lessons & Horse retirement 195

And they are off and calm again

Lessons & Horse retirement 200Lessons & Horse retirement 204Lessons & Horse retirement 232

Austin and Beamer are going over a 'bridge', see the 'high step' of Beamer's left leg?

Lessons & Horse retirement 243

Yep, this Mare is going to be gentle, is her 2nd kid on her 3rd ride.  And then with my daughter, Cash's Mom, Katie.  And Austin on Beamer.

Lessons & Horse retirement 250Lessons & Horse retirement 269

Wendy sometimes likes to be a race horse jockey.  But Marshmallow doesn't seem interested in speed!

Lessons & Horse retirement 273Lessons & Horse retirement 277

Cash kind of likes riding with his Mommy! 

Lessons & Horse retirement 305

Katie is in a kid saddle, so, no stirrups, but no matter.  Off they go like the wind!  This is the girl that had a horse from the time she walked.  No kidding. 

Lessons & Horse retirement 324

After riding, of course is play time

Lessons & Horse retirement 337Lessons & Horse retirement 339

Al wanted to ride English.  So, of course we make it happen.

Lessons & Horse retirement 341

Katie thought that looked fun, so, she stole Al's horse, and off she went!

Lessons & Horse retirement 360Lessons & Horse retirement 365

of all the photos I took today, THIS is my favorite.  Do you suppose they all love their Grandpa?

Lessons & Horse retirement 371

If there is a woman who is contemplating keeping a man around, my advice is.  "If he doesn't love moments like this, let him go....kick him away..... " 

Lessons & Horse retirement 372

So, Wendy has to ride Enlish

Lessons & Horse retirement 399Lessons & Horse retirement 403

Jess in a kid saddle too.

Lessons & Horse retirement 416Lessons & Horse retirement 438Lessons & Horse retirement 445


Anyone guess what my secret is?

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But of course....

But only if I want!

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Tue, Jan 31, 2012, at 12:58 PM

Happy to have a knack for making you smile.

Thanks for the ocmpliment, but guess what? My Wayne is a keeper too! So, I am!

Your old Texican friend is lucky to be with you every day, and when you want him, you are lucky to let him in.

*humming* .... happy Trails, to you, ... until we meet again!......

off into the sunset....

We are gone tomorrow!

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Tue, Jan 31, 2012, at 8:35 AM

Wayne -

I am envious ... the girl is a KEEPER ...

But then, you know that....

P.S. Jessie,

It is just shy of a year since I lost an old Texican friend .... his name was Wayne .... when a friend calls me that, I SMILE ,,,, few people have that knack ...

Happy trails

-- Posted by wh67 on Tue, Jan 31, 2012, at 7:13 AM

I have heard that Bonnie...we won't have alot of free time, but definitely some.

Thanks for congrats!

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Mon, Jan 30, 2012, at 11:12 PM

I don't gamble, but I enjoyed all of the wonderful sights and the imagination of it all. The hotels have so many other things to offer>

Lots of walking and be careful! you can get lost in some of those places. I wandered around the Bellagio for what seemed like an hour trying to find an exit.

The Cab Drivers absolutely despise pedestrians and bike riders. They lay on the horn for each intersection. And the bike riders go as fast as the cars.

I envy you. I enjoyed the visit. Been there a few times for the SEMA show in Nov.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Mon, Jan 30, 2012, at 9:30 PM

Thanks Brenda!

I'm sure there will pictures I'm sure

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Mon, Jan 30, 2012, at 8:30 PM

Congrats you two!! All the best always.

-- Posted by Brenda Fincher Publisher MHNews on Mon, Jan 30, 2012, at 3:03 PM

Yeah, I figured it was obvious...being Vegas and everything. I haven't been before, so really looking forward to it!

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Mon, Jan 30, 2012, at 2:58 PM

Your clue was pretty obvious. Congratulations. I hope that everyone has a great time.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Mon, Jan 30, 2012, at 2:47 PM

At this event, there will be LOTS of photographs,... I don't like not having control of creativity, but oh well!

And thanks!

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Mon, Jan 30, 2012, at 2:45 PM

Who's going to take the pictures? lol!

Congratulations Jessie & Wayne :)

-- Posted by MsMarylin on Mon, Jan 30, 2012, at 2:43 PM

I knew that wouldn't last long.

The plan is tentatively.... to get married in the arena at the Legacy of Legends. A little intimidating, but that's what Carolyn wants. Soooooooooooooo............ But if that doesn't work out, the hotel we are staying at, has a service pretty cheap, ....

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Mon, Jan 30, 2012, at 2:17 PM

Are you going to the Chapel of Love?

-- Posted by KH Gal on Mon, Jan 30, 2012, at 2:07 PM

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