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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pumpkin Play Day

Posted Wednesday, October 26, 2011, at 11:06 AM


Last weekend was the 2nd Annual Play Day put on by the "Wild Vaqueros" 4-H Club. 

Entry fee for this play day was simply canned goods, and a willingness to have fun.  Saturday, if you recall was a day meant just for fun horseback.  And fun we had! 

Before I go into photos of the day and my normal witty commentary, I want to thank the young girl, who is the backbone behind this club.  She did it last year, on a super cold day, so was rewarded this year by Sunshine.  This was one of her "Community Service Projects" and the canned goods go to a food bank right here in Mountain Home.  Preparation and worry goes into an event like this, along with dedication to the day and participants.  Her parents, Chance & Natasha also gave to your community this weekend (and last year) and I can't thank them enough.  I wish more folks would give just for the sake of giving.  Since the entry fee was canned goods, No money was exchanged.  That tells me that they had expenses out of their own pockets, so "Thank you, Tienharras"

Below is Michelle.  I've mentioned her, in this very subject from last year.  I was her 4-H leader when she was in school...for I don't know how many years. 

Play day, Casey, Lessons 030

Mom and Daughter doing the Pumpkin Barrel Race together.

Play day, Casey, Lessons 032Play day, Casey, Lessons 037

Kelley on ...guess who??? Marshmallow! 

Play day, Casey, Lessons 043Play day, Casey, Lessons 048Play day, Casey, Lessons 053Play day, Casey, Lessons 078

have you noticed the recurring smiles?

Play day, Casey, Lessons 099

These next few pictures are from the "Drink Soda, Eat Soda Cracker, Whistle" race.  You go to the 1st barrel, drink a dixie cup of juice, run to the next barrel, eat a soda cracker,  and at the last barrel, you have to whistle.  It aint easy..... The girl on the Palomino below gave me that look when I said smile!  Then of course I told her, "Shut your mouth with food in there, for Pete's sake!"

Play day, Casey, Lessons 119Play day, Casey, Lessons 159

You'd think at least the adults would keep their mouth shut with food in there, but oh no....

Play day, Casey, Lessons 180

Below is Christine showing the young children of our future how to cheat.  You are supposed to STOP at each station.  She of course blows right on by..... cheating with speed.  Smiling all the while

Play day, Casey, Lessons 136Play day, Casey, Lessons 139

These next ones are of the "Ribbon Race"  The ribbon is a crepe paper streamer.  You have to start at the beginning, run together to the other end of the arena, go around the barrel, and race back across the finish line.  You know crepe paper tears easily right?  So, you have to communicate with each other....rate yourselves...etc.... it's fun!

Play day, Casey, Lessons 219

See Marshmallow in the lead?  Amazing, cuz she doesn't really wanna go that fast. 

Play day, Casey, Lessons 223

Michelle and I.  I love partnering up with her!  Our red shirts and blond pony tails made us a team right?  Wasn't even planned.

Play day, Casey, Lessons 229Play day, Casey, Lessons 230

I love to see brother and sister teams

Play day, Casey, Lessons 235

You could go as many times as you could get a different partner.  The boys were really getting into it.... speed was starting to happen

Play day, Casey, Lessons 255Play day, Casey, Lessons 272

The little red head got bucked off first thing in the morning.  Michelle took her along nice and slow.  Makes me proud of them both.

Play day, Casey, Lessons 288Play day, Casey, Lessons 296

We all do things with our horses.  Work, compete...all kinds of different things.  It's fun every now and then to just play.  See how fun?  We welcome you!

Play day, Casey, Lessons 318

Christine the cheater and Michelle.  I'm sure somehow cheating was done!

Play day, Casey, Lessons 325

This next few pics, shows how tough we raise them here in Idaho.  I'm not going to post them all, cuz I got the whole sequence...nearly like a video.  But this is one tough girl.  As they start to near the finish line, her pretty little Palomino decides to get a little "froggy"  At first she doesn't even let go of the ribbon. 

Play day, Casey, Lessons 329Play day, Casey, Lessons 330

But then she decides to take a bit of control

Play day, Casey, Lessons 337Play day, Casey, Lessons 338Play day, Casey, Lessons 341

You'd think she's bucked off here, right?

Play day, Casey, Lessons 344Play day, Casey, Lessons 346

Or here?  For sure, right?

Play day, Casey, Lessons 348

See her right foot?  She has thrown it up in front of the saddle to claw her way back INTO the saddle.  All the while still trying to stop the horse.  I don't know if you've ever ridden much, but that takes sheer determination and physical capability

Play day, Casey, Lessons 350Play day, Casey, Lessons 354

Back in the saddle, and throws up her arm, in a Victory Salute!  AND with a smile on her face! 

Play day, Casey, Lessons 356

Congratulations, Awesome ride!  What's even more awesome, is that she kept riding, and smiling.  THAT'S how tough we raise 'em in Idaho.  Cowgirl UP!

Play day, Casey, Lessons 364

The following is the "Egg N Spoon" Race.  Each rider has a little plastic spoon, (you know how sturdy those are) and a raw egg.  With your egg n spoon out to your side, it's basically, Simon Says.  We do whatever the announcer says.  Walk, trot, lope, slide stop, side pass...whatever.  As the eggs drop, you are out.  You go to the center of the arena.  Those eggs really wanna fall off those spoons! 

Marshmallow and I, looking around checking out the competition.  She looks confident doesn't she?

Looking around, checking out the Competition

It wouldn't be quite so bad, but those kids are in there too...and they know their horses aren't smooth, so they are racing around, creating havoc.

Play day, Casey, Lessons 375Play day, Casey, Lessons 377

See Michelle keeping a close eye on her egg?  It takes immense concentration!

Play day, Casey, Lessons 378

So much concentration.  I am talking to the egg, and threatening it with it's yolk

Play day, Casey, Lessons 379Play day, Casey, Lessons 380Play day, Casey, Lessons 381


Play day, Casey, Lessons 382

Christine lost her egg shortly after this, and came and tried to knock mine off..... I honestly have no idea how I kept it.

Play day, Casey, Lessons 383Play day, Casey, Lessons 384Play day, Casey, Lessons 385

But I did ....this is a Winning Smile.  Immediately after this, I chased Christine and threw my egg on her.  It hit  her shoulder and bounced off her without breaking.... hit the ground and still didn't break.  Maybe I'm Evil...or she is.  Or the Egg was?

Play day, Casey, Lessons 388

Natasha, Thanks again

Boys bringing the pumpkins out

Play day, Casey, Lessons 390Play day, Casey, Lessons 392


Boise Orange and Blue!Play day, Casey, Lessons 405

Yep, we have speed.....

Play day, Casey, Lessons 427Play day, Casey, Lessons 448

and....not so much speed......

Play day, Casey, Lessons 543

Risha is obviously distracted by something, while Sweety still is concentrating on the game.  But still, gotta love those smiles!

Play day, Casey, Lessons 553

Ever heard of the "Rough Riders"?

Play day, Casey, Lessons 572

A good horse's job is never done.  Always a little child to give one more ride to.  This is Addi, who is the Grand daughter of Sharon.  Sharon is Ginny's Mom ....I was Ginny's 4-H leader also.

What comes around, Goes around...

Play day, Casey, Lessons 608Play day, Casey, Lessons 611

Michelle and Sharon

Play day, Casey, Lessons 618


Play day, Casey, Lessons 641

There is so much fun to be had...we wish you'd join us!



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Oh Jessie what fun! I could just see my Dad enjoying the events and cheering his kids on.

thank you.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Wed, Oct 26, 2011, at 11:18 AM

I can see your Dad too... saying "I knew ya could" and a simple smile

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Wed, Oct 26, 2011, at 11:27 AM

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