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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jillian & Bryce!

Posted Friday, August 19, 2011, at 9:02 PM

Jillian is the next Grand Daughter to come and spend a few days with us.  She also loved her time here....She learned an immense amount of outdoor life, ...and relearned the love of horses.

lWolves in Cascade 313Wolves in Cascade 319

Here, Wayne is "scaring" her.... in the loft of the barn.  What kid doesn't want to spend countless hours exploring a barn with history like this one?

Wolves in Cascade 355Wolves in Cascade 396Wolves in Cascade 418

Yep, we are mean sometimes.... we tied her up!

Wolves in Cascade 464

At Cascade's parade

Evan, swimming etc 1280

My Son Evan, (Jillian's Daddy) has been working in McCall, so he visits from time to time.


Evan, swimming etc 028Evan, swimming etc 032

Jillian loves to have her picture taken, so of course I oblige!

Evan, swimming etc 082Evan, swimming etc 095Evan, swimming etc 106

Bryce and Jillian

Evan, swimming etc 1004

Evan, swimming etc 435

We have this horse that is literally worth his weight in Gold.  He is super gentle, and loves to be handled by children.  All of our Grandchildren have learned a lot from him. 

Evan, swimming etc 1065Evan, swimming etc 1075Evan, swimming etc 1088Evan, swimming etc 1095Evan, swimming etc 1117Evan, swimming etc 1131Evan, swimming etc 1139Evan, swimming etc 1150

Every single kid that has come here, has put themselves in this kennel.  I swear we do not do it!

Evan, swimming etc 1175

Roping is something they all learn while here, be like Grandpa

Evan, swimming etc 1185

Bryce loves his Grandpa

Evan, swimming etc 1208

Evan, swimming etc 1258Evan, swimming etc 1310Jillian Bryce 001

We take salt out to the calves, and the kids get to get up close and personal with the calves.

Jillian Bryce 025Jillian Bryce 059

Jess grew up in Bruneau and riding horses.  It had been years since she rode, but she has the bug again.

Jess has rekindled a love or horses and riding, thanks to "Beamer"  she also spent a few weeks with us, along with her kids.... living this quiet life.

Jillian Bryce 109Jillian Bryce 122

This was Jillian's first ride out into the fields...she loved it.... She rode many times out in the fields...jumping little ditches...losing her hat (yes, I got off several times to retrieve it) and learning to trust her horse.  There were times she didn't want to.... going thru some deep water, but she learned he knew what he was doing, and she was going to go thru whether she wanted to or not. 

Jillian Bryce 125Jillian Bryce 168

This old wagon sits just a bit away from our house.  Each child has spent countless hours sitting on it, and probably imagining traveling across the country years ago....

Jillian Bryce 190Jillian Bryce 225Jillian Bryce 273

These kids are "on top of the world"

July 20 003

One of Bryce's favorite things.... to be sprayed by Wayne..

He backed up to Wayne and said "Don't get me!!!"

July 20 062July 20 065July 20 074

Could this kid look any happier?

We don't worry too much about them getting dirty.  We play hard, work's all good

July 20 107

This is another one of our horses that LOVES children.  She needed to "taste test" Bryce's hat.... I had asked him to stand there for a picture...and stand there he did..... he's not scared of anything...and she'd never hurt him.

July 20 1085July 20 1088July 20 1094

he's probably thinking "Can I move yet?"

July 20 1108July 20 1145

Remember the days of drinking from the hose?  We all survived.... and that is some of the best water around.  Who needs bottled water?

July 20 1193July 20 1225July 20 1229July 20 1237

a Flower for Grandma

July 20 1353July 20 1381Sale Cattle 095Sale Cattle 096Sale Cattle 100

Jumping for Joy!

Sale Cattle 127Sale Cattle 134


We make sure they are in a safe contained area to start with, on their own.

August 1 223


August 1 243

Jillian even learned to go over little jumps on her own.

August 1 261August 1 286

She's a happy girl!

August 1 313August 1 368

We like to show them that they can move around in the saddle...and be relaxed.

August 1 429

Then we give them a bit of freedom.  She was out in the fields hunting gophers.  I didn't know that, til she came back and told me.  I thought she was just riding around.  Tell me what kid wouldn't want this life?

August 1 458

August 1 467

One thing I'm determined about, is helping them to do things themselves.  So, she puts her own horse away, and I am only there to help if need be.  Yep it takes more time than it would, if I just did it myself, but she gains a confidence that is more than worth it.  This horse continues paying for himself by his patience.

August 1 487August 1 489August 1 499

I know it seems like I talk about my Grand kids a lot,.... but is there anything to be more proud of?  I think not!  There is more to come!



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I have been through all of your posts and your pictures have touched my heart. Your grandchildren are some of the luckiest in the world. Continue to be proud of them and please keep sharing. You have touched an old mans heart.


-- Posted by royincaldwell on Sat, Aug 20, 2011, at 6:03 AM blogs are titled "Sharing the Beauty" just for that reason. There is so much negativity today that I decided to portray the world as I wish. Thank you so much for your comment. Not many comment on a good event....while complaining bitterly and squabbling over worthless news.

I don't know who you are...but certainly I'm happy that you enjoyed and that maybe I brought back some joyful memories to you.

Thank you again.....please look again! My summer has been very full so there will be lots of blogs.


-- Posted by jessiemiller on Sat, Aug 20, 2011, at 7:52 AM

Sorry for referring to you as a new blogger, just new to me. Please keep sharing the beauty, lord knows we need more.

-- Posted by royincaldwell on Sat, Aug 20, 2011, at 12:46 PM

Jessie I just betcha those Grand kids didn't want to go home and they are anticipating their next visit. Shoot I would love to come for a visit and do all that, even drink water from the hose.

Your Grand Kids are adorable and your quite an amazing lady.

So whats for supper?

-- Posted by MsMarylin on Sat, Aug 20, 2011, at 2:01 PM

Makes me want to be in Idaho

-- Posted by KH Gal on Sat, Aug 20, 2011, at 4:49 PM

Jessie- I absolutley love this blog. I grew up on a working cattle ranch in Ca, and I have missed it since I left. Not Ca, but the freedom of just being out in the saddle. I wanted what your grandkids have for my kiddos, and some day soon we are taking them to meet their Uncle Luke, (NFR Bulldogger Luke Branquinho), and they get to experience that. So thanks for the pictures and your grandbabies are BEAUTIFUL!

-- Posted by fyrmom on Sat, Aug 20, 2011, at 7:03 PM

Awesome that they are related to Luke! Who doesn't know that name...and have watched him on TV many times. That is so cool! Thanks for your comment...and maybe consider bringing your "Kiddos" for a visit and photo shoot day in Cascade with us. We'd love that!


MsMarilyn... you are so welcome to come for a visit...and likely you'll get a Chorizo or burger for supper!


KH Gal, I want you to be in Idaho!

And for sure, the kids don't want to leave.... though they miss their parents at times.... they sleep well from long days working and playing in the sun.... Yeah...we plan to give them a huge store of Memories to cherish all their lives

Thanks everyone for your comments!

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Sat, Aug 20, 2011, at 7:37 PM

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