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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Danielle Hall

Posted Thursday, December 2, 2010, at 2:35 PM

We finished the Benefit Roping a couple weeks ago.  It was a cold day, but it didn't stop anyone from coming.  Not that were planning to come, and I'm pretty sure some just wound up stopping by. 

There were many many touching moments during this day to honor Danielle.  There was some happiness at being able to be there to Honor her, and definitely some sadness too, missing her.  I don't think that there there was a single person there, who didn't at some point choke up at the thought of her. 

The donated items for the Silent Auction were extremely generous, another tribute to the family.  The meal was put together by their good friends, and friends of mine.  Thank you to Kristi & Daron Hegerhorst for all your hard work.  It won't be forgotten. 

I had a moment with Leona Hatch that I could not speak, but from one Grandma to another,  we got it. 


Thank you to all who came.

Wayne & our Grandson Cash, riding away from me.

 Hall Roping 012

For folks like us, it's all about taking our kids with us.

Hall Roping 018  Hall Roping 028

It was very heartwarming to see how many people showed up for this Benefit.

Hall Roping 031

These are some of the donated items.

Hall Roping 039  Hall Roping 045 Hall Roping 048 Hall Roping 052

some of the people working behind the scenes

Hall Roping 040 

Jeff Palmer donated the use of his facility for this event

Hall Roping 109

Daron Hegerhorst had a big hand in the organizing of this huge event.

Hall Roping 118

Hall Roping 116

Wayne Lehto & John Dennis

Hall Roping 126

Christine Hammond & Michelle Chandler

Hall Roping 145

Wayne Lehto & Randy Everitt

Hall Roping 218

It's all about babies

Hall Roping 269 Hall Roping 094 Hall Roping 317 Hall Roping 393 Hall Roping 399 Hall Roping 411Hall Roping 278  Hall Roping 421

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We are so lucky to have Jessie there always to get it in a picture because sometimes words are just not enough.

Thanks Jessie.

-- Posted by CFrisbee on Wed, Dec 8, 2010, at 7:30 PM

Thanks Christine...I appreciate that.


-- Posted by jessiemiller on Thu, Dec 9, 2010, at 8:02 PM

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