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Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Lesson ReLearned

Posted Thursday, December 2, 2010, at 1:47 PM

I had the opportunity last week to take some portraits for a family I had yet to meet.  I knew they wanted outdoor photos, and I kind of wondered how that was gonna turn out.  It was scheduled for the Friday right after Thanksgiving.  There were 15 family members and an unknown (to me anyway) count of dogs.  Dogs don't bother me, I've got plenty myself.  There were horses and cats.... I'm good with all that.  I just couldn't imagine how they were gonna do comfortable photos outdoors, where they live.  Where they live is windy and on Friday was BITTER Biting Cold.  To top it off, this was a bit of a family reunion, with half of them just arrived a day or so before, from sunny and warm California.  hmmmmmmmmmmm.......

We get there, introduced ourselves and see so many smiling faces I thought how could it go wrong?  Everyone came outside for portraits in front of their beautiful home.  The home with huge Icecicles hanging over their heads.  The fun was only just starting.  It immediately struck me that all families should be this way.  They aged from early teens to...hmmmmmm...I really don't know...but over 50 I guess...more possibly.  I never got a bad shot.  To top it off, they were a dang good lookin' family and they just never quit smiling and being happy.  Yep, they were cold.... and kept getting colder, but they never waivered in their happiness at being together on this day....the day after Thanksgiving.  I'd get good shots, and they'd all shift and change locations.... from the house, to the back of the house, to the round corral (Yep, they climbed up on those steel rails and perched for photos there too)  ...they took pics inside their hay barn.  They took pics all together, smaller families, all girls, all boys, all girls with Grandma, all girls with Grandpa, and the variations never ended. 

Their tender loving care of Grandma was touching to me, and when I learned that Grandma had recently 'beat' cancer, well..... I fell in love with that family.  I was nearly already in love with them, but that tipped me over the edge. 

They were ALL courteous, and took care to make sure I had the time for set up, and whatever I needed.  After awhile, I didn't feel the cold much any more...warmed by the feeling they were giving me. 

I've thought alot about that day, and that family.  I know I've coached my kids about politeness and being on 'good behavior' .... and my kids were always polite and on good behavior.  They never let me down.  This family made me so dang proud of them (and they're not even mine!)  Those kids were so happy, and NEVER once did I see a sullen pouty face at being asked to do this.  And I've seen lots of kids that I couldn't have blamed, really, when you see their family nagging at them to be good.  (or else)  That was not happening here in the slightest.  And I had started looking for it, in amazement. 

I wanted to blog on this because it encourages me to know that this type of family is still alive and well.  I wanted to share with YOU that this can be a goal.  I have a great family, but  a lesson was reinforced here, that I want never to let go of.  I can't quite put it into words, but it's something about.......... 

Provide Genuine Love and Happiness, and it will come back at you from all of them.  Be a safe & warm place, to come and get back in touch with the basics of the value of family.  Genuinely love them, so they have no reason NOT to be there happily


Here is a great family

Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 328

Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 380

These are from California.  They were loving the snow, and wanted "Jump" photos.  How beautiful is that background?

Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 508 Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 532 Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 549  Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 564

Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 598

All the women

Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 655

All the men

Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 675

Lucky Grandpa, with all his loving family women

Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 702 

Brother and his sisters.  And bunny ears

Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 820

This Grandma is so loved.  She told them all to wear Red, White, or black.  And left it up to them.  It was beautiful

Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 827 Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 861 Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 883 Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 893 Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 911

The sun going down behind them

Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 958 Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 960

Imagine the giggling and the "brrrrr" ing here.  These kids loved each other.  They didn't finish the photos and then go their separate ways.  They pulled off their boots and stuck their toes at the fire and sat and had more great times. 

Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 974

This is so true.  These were on their wall. it's supposed to be.

Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 982

Please, let's all have this as a thought for the day.


Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 983


Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 987 

 Thanksgiving, Ray Photo Session 981

Lesson learned, thank you



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I'm giggling about you being toasty warm watching. And yes, you are lucky to be friends and neighbors with them. They promise to have me back, and I look forward to it.


-- Posted by jessiemiller on Fri, Dec 3, 2010, at 4:51 PM

I consider myself blessed to be neighbors and friends with this remarkable family. I watched their photo-shoot through my spotting scope, staying toasty warm while they frolicked in the snow. May all you readers be lucky enough to know people of this quality. Happy Holidays!

-- Posted by sunrider on Fri, Dec 3, 2010, at 4:37 PM

Nicely done Jessie!

-- Posted by oitmom3 on Fri, Dec 3, 2010, at 8:53 AM

Warmed my heart Jessie. Thank you for sharing!

-- Posted by idpotatoes83647 on Fri, Dec 3, 2010, at 8:16 AM

Hey, SIS, just saw your comment. I knew you'd appreciate this family. Thanks for your comment, luv ya

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Thu, Dec 2, 2010, at 9:40 PM

Thanks Mike, I do appreciate your comment

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Thu, Dec 2, 2010, at 9:38 PM

fyrmom, My whole blog is about what I want to share. Good stuff. Pretty pictures, of people, horses, the places that we see...and the fun that we have. Thank you for seeing that is of value.


-- Posted by jessiemiller on Thu, Dec 2, 2010, at 7:40 PM

Lots of great pictures and a fine article, sister dear. You make me proud!

-- Posted by Ardie on Thu, Dec 2, 2010, at 7:35 PM

Wow! Comments...have I mentioned that I love comments!???? Thanks you guys...I'm very glad you enjoyed this as much as I did the taking of it. I hope everyone who reads it, takes the time to think about how we treat our families.


-- Posted by jessiemiller on Thu, Dec 2, 2010, at 7:12 PM

Great story Jessie and as always wonderful photography. I enjoyed the story and the pictures very very much

-- Posted by MsMarylin on Thu, Dec 2, 2010, at 6:19 PM

Wow, thanks for that! It moved me, we need more "stories" like this, and less about the "bad" stuff.

-- Posted by fyrmom on Thu, Dec 2, 2010, at 5:44 PM

Loved this! Thanks for sharing!

-- Posted by Moanah on Thu, Dec 2, 2010, at 5:06 PM

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