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Monday, January 16, 2017

So Long, Rufus

Posted Wednesday, December 2, 2009, at 11:14 AM

I had to say "Goodbye" to my old friend this Monday.  I've mentioned him before, and I've known for awhile that if he failed I would not let him suffer.  At 15, he had lived a long long and I believe satisfying life. 

He is the one I always took riding with me in his younger years.  I stopped taking him on long rides a few years ago, when he started showing signs of arthritis and just general fatigue.  He could no longer jump gleefully over the side of my truck's bed rails ready to go!  I sometimes in the last months took him for a "Drive to town" just cuz.  He LOVED feeling the wind blow in his hair and he looked so proud and strong.  His last ride was about 2 weeks ago, and I'm sooo glad I did it. 

With this last bit of real cold weather, he was moving pretty slowly and I actually had to carry him in to the porch one day .... but the next day he was out trotting around again much to my relief. 

But during Thanksgiving break, I saw him walking pretty slow ...so I went and got him, and carried him in to the porch, where he basically never moved again.  I admit I was in a bit of disbelief, since he had just been walking.  But he never went outside again.  He drank a bit, if I lifted his head...but he never ate.  He wanted to go home.

He is now playing with Bailey and my sister and daughter's puppy Lee.  He loves puppies and he missed Bailey terribly.  I'm sure right now he is cleaning Bailey's eyes and ears while Bailey scolds him for taking so long.... and Lee is hopping all around wanting to play.

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Rufus, I miss you already.  Take care of the puppies....



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Jessie, sorry about the loss of Rufus, I know how you feel as I did and still do with my loss of Cody. A day doesn't go by that I don't think of Cody and wonder why he not right there under foot, but he as his place in the living room in his wooden box.

-- Posted by Eagle_eye on Wed, Dec 2, 2009, at 1:10 PM

Joe, I remember you talking about Cody. It's funny how you 'expect' to see them. Lately he's been staying in the house ...so I 'expect' to hear his toes clicking on the kitchen floor. He got too hot in the house, so every evening I had to move his 'pillow' out to the inside/outside porch for him to lay on. I still get up to do that.

It is sure something you really aren't ready for.


-- Posted by jessiemiller on Wed, Dec 2, 2009, at 1:31 PM


So sorry to hear about Rufus. I know he was a very important and loved part of your family for the last 15 years. At least where he is there is no pain, lots of grassy fields to run in and horses that will never kick at a dog as they play (and lots of rides in trucks with the wind in his face)! You did the right thing and he is in a much better place with his friends and family at his side. I am very sorry for your loss. One day, you will meet again.

-- Posted by OpinionMissy on Wed, Dec 2, 2009, at 1:47 PM


So sorry your beloved Rufus is no longer with you. He is now at Rainbow Bridge playing with the puppy's and making new friends.

My old Cockapoo Rufus is also there in spirit, he lived to be 16 yrs. He now rest's in our back yard with other members of our furry family.

It is so very hard to let them go ! Rufus will live in your heart and mind forever and you cherish those thoughts

-- Posted by MsMarylin on Wed, Dec 2, 2009, at 2:10 PM

Thanks OM and MsMarylin.... it's good to read those thoughts. Every now and then I have those thoughts that make my eyes tear up....and think...but..... maybe.....

He's buried in our back yard...alongside Bailey, and Hershy, and Sadie.

Yep, he's riding in the trucks with wind in his hair....


-- Posted by jessiemiller on Wed, Dec 2, 2009, at 2:49 PM

For those of us that have owned many an animal and put our "fair" (not that it is ever "fair") share down, it seems like it is harder each time. I love all of my dogs do not get me wrong. I have had some good ones over the years for sure and I guess some become a "favorite" but they are all special in their own ways and touch the lives around them with love and joy no matter how many couches they chew on or how many shoes they chew up. It is only stuff.

We adopted a dog 9 years ago from the local shelter. He had run the streets of MH for several months but could not be caught. They only knew where he had been because he knocked blocks and blocks of trash cans over and left local street in ruins. Well, one day they caught him. They called him Grizz because when he would "talk" to you he sounded like a bear. He was a big boy. He had to go to a home with no kids (which we were) because he was pretty clumsy and just huge and really did not like kids for some unknown reason only known to him. Well, he had some issues which I am sure were created by people who were less than nice to him. Anyway, he was a great dog for me but not for my husband. To make a long story short, he lived with us until one day it was "time." Gosh how I loved that dog. My husband was gone a lot in the early years and I always knew that I was safe with that dog in the house. He slept with me, walked with me (or walked me) and was just a good dog. We had to put him down the day after Thanksgiving about 5 years ago.

It is never easy but you know when it is "time" and you have to do the right thing as a pet owner. It sucks! I feel really bad for anyone that has to go through this. Hang in there Jessie. Better days are ahead. So sorry...

-- Posted by OpinionMissy on Wed, Dec 2, 2009, at 3:55 PM

Rufus was my 2nd Rufus. I had my first Rufus as a kid that also did all my riding with me. They were marked the same, but inverted. Black where Rufus was white, and vice versa. And one blue Eye. My Grandmother gave me white Rufus.....and a great friend of mine gave me black Rufus. And Black Rufie was from the pound. I believe whole heartedly in 'Pound Puppies"! I have a dog at home, that was heading for the pound, but came to me instead. His name is Scout. He is a Springer Spaniel, same as Bailey, but red and white, instead of black and white like Bailey.

White Rufus loved babies of any kind, and raised a few batches of chicks. He was so cute, he'd lay down and those chicks would snuggle up against him for warmth. When he got up, he was so careful with paws as big as chicks to tiptoe outta there and not hurt them.

Black Rufus never had any chicks, but he loved puppies! Whenever there were puppies, I'd tell him "Get the puppies!" and they would run and run and "fight" and snarl .... then he'd clean their faces .....

I've for sure had my fair share of animals, and my fair share of favorites. I try not to to become too attached to them all....some are for passing along. But I keep some....and not necessarily cuz they are the "best" of their breed, or performance, but maybe cuz they are an underdog, or just tugged at my heart.

I have an old mare that at times I absolutely hated.... and loved to hate, hated to love.... (she's a sister to my very first horse) I don't think she is long for this world either. She is retired now and she "raises" young horses. Not her own, she just adopts them. In her prime she did some incredible things for me. And I owe her for the education she gave me. Along with many many lumps and bruises.

Thanks again for all your comments..... it's great!


-- Posted by jessiemiller on Wed, Dec 9, 2009, at 1:50 PM

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